Realme GT2 Pro Comes with 150-degree Ultra-wide-angle Lens and Green Material

Realme GT2 Pro Comes with 150-degree Ultra-wide-angle

Realme GT2 Pro Comes with 150-degree Ultra-wide-angle

Realme will hold a special event for the Realme GT2 Series on the 20th of this month, and these days the official has been frequently bringing warm-up news for the new series.

This morning Realme cell phone official microblogging post said, “Big, bigger, more than big. December 20, 15:00, Realme GT2 Series of special events. The industry’s first image technology to explore a new 150° vision.”

Yesterday realme previewed a new cell phone back case material, saying it was an industry first and would be more environmentally friendly, today’s preview brings information on an ultra wide-angle lens, 150° this number is the widest one that can be seen in cell phone photography at the moment, the usually ultra-wide-angle will be around 130°, a bigger wide-angle also means a wider picture can be captured.

Furthermore, Digital Chat Station stated that Realme GT2 Pro does not have a telephoto, so it has made an industry’s highest 150° super wide-angle, and the distortion is also very wide after correction. The quality of this sub-camera is not bad, and the main camera is dual-camera.

Together with the text with the picture is a new publicity poster, the poster vaguely shape should be the phone rear shell, from the picture alone looks very much like paper, but Realme also clearly said it is not paper, but an environmentally friendly green material and the rear shell of this material will be Realme first release.

The cell phone industry has been following the environmental trend for several years, but instead of sending charging heads, it would be more practical to think about environmental protection on the phone itself. realme is looking in the right direction with this approach.

Now it seems that Realme is indeed likely to release the new Realme GT2 series on the 20th, which is also the industry’s second new flagship equipped with a new generation of Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chips, and the price is expected to form a confrontation with Moto Edge X30, after all, realme’s cost performance has been very outstanding.

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