OPPO Find N Review: Reimagined Foldable Phone

OPPO Find N Review

OPPO Find N Review

Introduction and picture appreciation

Foldable display, which is considered the future of cell phones, is gradually becoming a new track for cell phone manufacturers. Almost all major manufacturers have a corresponding foldable display program, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and other mass-production models have been listed, the concept is similar, but for the time being, there has never been a foldable display really to the public, quite a show of muscle.

Near the end of the year, the foldable display mobile phone ushered in new players, OPPO Find N officially unveiled, using the left and right foldable scheme, and the volume is very small, it can be said that it is the flagship of the small screen in the foldable display, and it is also the promise of OPPO.

Near the end of the year, folding screen phones ushered in new players, OPPO Find N officially unveiled, using the left and right folding program, and the volume is very small, it can be said that the folding screen in the small screen flagship, is also OPPO to fulfill the promise.

The reason why it is called a promise, but also from the OPPO Find series, which goes back to ten years ago, OPPO launched its first smartphone (note that it is intelligent, not a feature phone), under the name Find.

Ten years later, OPPO regained Find, changing the rule of irregular updates in the past, adjusting to annual changes, while the most important, but also many people did not pay attention to the point that OPPO said its high-end flagship form of exploration.

In the first half of the year, OPPO launched the Find X3 Series, the back cover uses a hot forging process to make the glass hot bending, integrated molding, 2000+ control points to adjust the curve of the back cover, as well as OC0 curved glass coating process, creating a “crater” lens module, very recognizable.

The second half of the year, adhering to the high-end flagship form of exploration, OPPO Find N was born, it is said that the OPPO factory in 2018 made the first generation of prototypes, but various reasons did not launch, chose to continue to polish, before and after the six generations.

ModelOPPO Find N
DisplayInternal screen: 7.1-inch resolution 1792×1920, E5 material, adaptive refresh rate 1Hz-120HZ, local peak brightness up to 1000nits
External screen: 5.49 inches, resolution 1972×988, 18:9 ratio, 60Hz refresh rate
ColorsStarry night, cloud, floating light
Size132.6 x73.0x15.9mm, 275g
SoCQualcomm Snapdragon 888
RAM/ROMLPDDR5, UFS 3.1 flash memory
Camera50MP main camera (IMX766, closed-loop focus motor, OIS)
16MP ultra-wide-angle (FOV 123)
13MP 2x Optical Zoom
Front 32MP, Both inside and outside
UnlockSide capacitive fingerprint,
Camera face recognition
Battery And Charging4500mAh,
33W wired fast charging,
15W wireless fast charging,
10W reverse wireless charging
FeaturesDual Victus glass front and rear, symmetrical stereo speakers, X-axis linear motor, parallel windows, Driving mode, customized input method, hovering group photo.
OSColorOS 12 based on Android 11
Memory and Price8GB + 128GB version at 7,699 yuan
12GB + 512GB version at 8,999 yuan
OPPO Find N Specifications

As OPPO subconsciously four years of polishing its first folding screen flagship, how does it perform? Come see OPPO Find N Review. The machine provides starry night, cloud, floating light three kinds of color, in the author’s hands this is for the starry night.

The crease is currently all folding screen phones can not eliminate the pain, after the unfolding of the screen is a major hard injury, many folding screens in the middle left a deep crease.

After reading the OPPO Find N, although the official claim is to solve the crease, for this claim author was skeptical at first, until he opened the real machine, only to find that the crease almost disappeared, is almost, if at a particular angle, and then under the light, still have a crease, but very shallow, the normal use of the situation completely perceptible.

OPPO Find N adopts the Seiko pseudo-vertical hinge with 136 parts, processing accuracy of 0.01mm, 125 patents applied for, and four years spent to make the screen form a teardrop shape when folded, and it does so seamlessly and supports free hovering at multiple angles.

The front side uses a 12-layer composite screen structure, has UTG ultra-thin flexible glass (0.03mm), has a patented gradient mesh matrix, to achieve 200,000 times the folding life, even in the -20 degrees Celsius environment still has 200,000 times the life.

If from a strict point of view, OPPO Find N is currently the shallowest folding screen models, and rare is this technology has been mass production listed, OPPO four years of dedicated research and development has not been in vain, there is no doubt about this, not blowing black, very strong.

Screen, OPPO Find N unfolded after the 7.1-inch AMOLED flexible screen, resolution of 1792 × 1920, using E5 light-emitting material, support for adaptive refresh rate 1Hz-120Hz, touch sampling rate of 180Hz, local peak brightness of 1000nits, support for multi-brightness color calibration, and 8192-level dual-screen automatic brightness adjustment.

OPPO Find N is the world’s first finely crafted vertebral hinge, more advanced than the U-shaped hinge, is the first to achieve hovering teardrop hinge, it is said that the cost of a single close to 800 yuan, is three times the cost of the market folding screen hinge.

Industry rumors, the operation of Find N is Pete Lau, is the first product designed after the return of the big brother OPPO, Zhang boss said the development of 125 patented technology, only to eliminate the crease, and full of confidence that this point we must be the industry leader.

OPPO these two years of R & D investment is evident to all, in addition, to Find N folding screen new machine, there is the first self-research NPU, it is surprising that the cost is very high TSMC 6nm process foundry, I have to say that the OPPO factory has really big money.

OPPO Find N external screen using a 5.49-inch AMOLED screen, resolution 1972 × 988, is currently a common 18:9 ratio, unfortunately, only supports 60Hz refresh rate, not on the high refresh rate.

OPPO Find N vs Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
OPPO Find N vs Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
OPPO Find N vs Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
OPPO Find N vs Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
OPPO Find N vs Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

The front may have a big brother to see, OPPO Find N folding screen ratio is very peculiar, the outer screen is 18:9 ratio, the inner screen is 1.1:1, compared to another common folding screen, can be said to be very small.

Compared to the crease, the two are very obvious, it can be said to be a glance difference, Samsung has experienced a total of three generations of folding screen products, still did not solve the crease problem, which was achieved by the OPPO Find N.

Volume reduction means more convenient to carry, especially after folding, it is easy to put in the pocket, I feel that women are also very suitable, after unfolding the screen is 7.1 inches, folding is convenient to carry, unfolded that is a large screen, can be called the small screen flagship in the folding screen. This can be considered very thoughtful, but also to verify the OPPO said from the Novelty to Necessity.

But in addition to the size, weight is also a folding screen urgent problem, a slight pity, Find N did not solve this problem, and there is a kind of speech is that the folding screen is to pursue a larger size, the machine is some of the opposite, belonging to the other direction of the folding screen.

OPPO Find N side for the power fingerprint two-in-one key, volume keys
The hinge part has the logo: Designed For Find
Lens module
The back cover is frosted glass
Fuselage hinge
The package comes with 33W charger and data cable

System and highlights

OPPO Find N running ColorOS 12 based on Android 11, and other folding screen models, the same is based on the regular UI to make a large screen adaptation, while for the folding screen added some new features, first look at the main interface.

Here is a brief introduction to some OPPO Find N for the folding screen to create new features, after all, the folding screen has been quite a lot, the functional differences are not significant, speaking of which, the system UI is also the current urgent need to upgrade the folding screen.

System main interface
negative screen

The main interface is naturally adapted to the folding screen, including the spacing between icons, status bar, etc. The negative screen is also the same, but it does not seem to expand more, the main information for the central display.

Large screen area

The system settings have a new large screen area, as the name suggests, is to create a function for the screen after the expansion, such as application split-screen, free-floating window, etc., we say the same.

OPPO Find N folding support hover, the test is the hinge construction, usually, enough precision hinge can complete the hover, can also see that OPPO attach considerable importance to this point, and the development of related functions, when watching the video screen in the half-fold, will automatically start this function, the upper screen display video, the lower area is to control the video, such as adjusting the brightness, adjust the progress.

The size of the screen relay is well understood, close the phone can choose to use the small screen
Parallel window
Parallel window

The parallel window is one of the main features of the folding screen, is also to make full use of the advantages of the large screen, to achieve a screen with multiple App windows running at the same time, but unfortunately, the Find N only supports two App window display, probably because of power consumption reasons, but two is a little less, it is recommended that the subsequent increase of about 3-5.

Compatible mode is forced to stretch does not support folding screen App, part of the display may be abnormal
Note taking
Input method
Expand reading

Notes, input method, weather, calendar, photo album, and other system built-in applications are adapted to the folding screen, which is also a regular operation, not to mention the official claim that the TOP 1000 applications split-screen adaptation rate of 90%, the large screen adaptation rate of 80%.

Like many folding screen models, OPPO Find N, although there is a certain UI optimization, the Android application is too much, it is impossible to adapt all of them, only to let the Android system underlying adaptation, or mandatory settings can be solved, or to create a new system alone.

Performance and Gaming

The core configuration, OPPO Find N is equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor, equipped with 12GB LPDDR5 memory + 512GB UFS 3.1 flash memory, to see its score performance.

After the actual test, OPPO Find N AnTuTu Benchmark score of 845641, where the CPU and GPU performance has a large increase, is expected to have sufficient space inside the body, so it has a certain effect on heat dissipation, the overall view belongs to the normal performance of Snapdragon 888, in the latest Android phone performance list, the machine can and is located in the top five.

Storage, OPPO Find N is equipped with UFS 3.1 flash memory, measured sequential read speed of 2008.3MB/s, sequential write speed of 786.1MB/s, belongs to the normal performance of UFS 3.1 flash memory.

Honor of King

Turn on the highest image quality (60fps) supported by OPPO Find N
Game fps

The large screen brings great visual impact to handheld games, but Find N is still not adapted to game-high fps, it should be because of the engineering machine, it is expected to open the high fps after the subsequent mass production listing, the real test “Honor of King” such MOBA game, Snapdragon 888 can stabilize 60 fps.

Peace Elite

Open the highest image quality (60fps) supported by OPPO Find N
Game fps

Peace Elite also does not support 90 fps, so the highest quality and 60 fps prevail, the actual test is no lag, frame drops also belong to the normal phenomenon generated by entering the game interface, the subsequent adaptation of more high frame rate games, the party can play the effect of a folding screen.

Camera and Photography

Camera, the rear is 50 megapixels IMX766 ultra-sensitive main camera (closed-loop focus motor, OIS) + 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle (FOV 123 °) + 13-megapixel telephoto three cameras, using nano-microcrystalline ceramic lens piece, the front inside and outside of 32-megapixel selfie lens.

Daytime sample photos

Building (default 12MP f/1.8 ISO-183 for main camera)
Building (default 12MP f/1.8 ISO-141 for main camera)
Building (default 12MP f/1.8 ISO-118 for main shot)
Building (wide angle lens 16MP f/2.2 ISO-101)
Building (main shot default 12MP f/1.8 ISO-260)
Building (2X zoom 12MP f/2.4 ISO-100)
Interior chandelier (default 12MP f/1.8 ISO-267 for main shot)
Macro shooting (main camera default 12MP f/1.8 ISO-448)

OPPO Find N is not equipped with a macro lens, so close up shooting needs to be achieved with the main camera, the overall quality of moderate, not because of the size of the shrinking camera, detail restoration in place, but also not much bright performance, for the folding screen, the current camera priority is not high, the performance of the machine is completely adequate for daily use.

Night sample photos

(default 12 megapixels for the main camera f/1.8 ISO-748)
(default 12MP f/1.8 ISO-497 for main shot)
(default 12MP f/1.8 ISO-752 for main shot)
(default 12MP f/1.8 ISO-1021 for main shot)

After the actual sample test, OPPO Find N night mode open or not no change, even the default photo shooting is also suppressed highlights, the picture is nothing noise, pure enough, but the overall is not as good as Find X3 Pro, the two itself positioning is different, not to say more.

Battery life and Charging

OPPO Find N’s built-in 4500mAh battery is the current common battery capacity. Due to time issues, the battery life data is currently lacking and is expected to be updated tomorrow.

Charging, the machine only supports 33W wired fast charging, very unexpected, green factory charging technology for all to see, no use on the high power should be the volume limit, to achieve this ratio only have to sacrifice some parameters, such as charging.

After the actual test, OPPO Find N took 55 minutes to charge to 100%, of which 10 minutes charged 24% of the power, 30 minutes to charge 62% of the power, still acceptable.


There is no doubt that the OPPO Find N is a transformative folding screen model, both the almost invisible folds and the plummeting volume of the body verify that OPPO has strong and impressive R&D strength.

The foldable display has too many new things, including shape and configuration, polishing a folding screen flagship increased the cost of time, costing huge amounts of money while continuing to seize the time to optimize the UI, so currently only the financial strength of the mainstream manufacturers choose to fold the screen.

On the one hand can show muscle, usually used as a sign, meaning a symbol of high-end, increasing the uniqueness of the brand, in the long-standing red sea of cell phones market, the folding screen can bring more brand effect at a smaller cost, and even set the high-end tone of the entire product line, such as Samsung Galaxy Fold series, Huawei Mate series, Xiaomi MIX series, etc., and now OPPO can say The same is true for the Find series.

On the other hand, the foldable display is also very exploratory, for many manufacturers, cell phone form is bound to develop to the next aspect, which is ultimate, are not definitive, but for the time being, the folding screen is a new direction of development, and increasingly mature, already has a stable foundation and supply chain.

It is undeniable that most users are still conservative about the folding screen, we prefer to carry the phone technology is stable and mature, no one wants to be a mouse, not to mention that along with the new technology there is a high price.

We prefer to use mature, molded technology, want to break this theorem, must make something different, so that users see innovation, OPPO Find N hinge, almost no crease, portable volume, I personally think to achieve the innovation that users want, although not enough, such as body weight, or to maintain the volume of the case, to complete the mature configuration, OPPO has done a clear Perception, ahead of all the folding screen, rare and valuable.

As OPPO’s first folding screen models, Find N is the very high degree of completion, rather than say that the machine is following the mainstream, rather than say that OPPO to the user of an answer sheet.

Perhaps the folding screen is not the direction of development at all, but OPPO has Find N, on behalf of the green factory will not lag behind any mainstream manufacturers, and even make something different from it, and then subsequent new technology, OPPO will use, and even open a new mainstream.

These two years OPPO’s high-end cell phones will always have some surprises and innovations, such as OPPO Find X’s full-screen, Find X2 Pro’s dual main camera, Find X3 Pro’s microscope, and then the small but exquisite folding screen, Find series is like a small once abandoned, now re-cultivated, gradually become large, moving towards the top of the list.

Note: This review was originally published on AnTuTu Benchmark by Tangzheng.

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