Huawei Watch D User Guide Video Revealed How It Measure Blood Pressure

Huawei Watch D User Guide Video

Huawei Watch D User Guide Video Exposure

In addition to Huawei P50 Pocket, MateBook X Pro, Smart Glasses, Huawei will also bring wrist ECG blood pressure recorder Huawei Watch D will be officially released on December 23, has been passed the Drug Administration Class II medical device registration.

After several exposures, today, the digital blogger exposed the Huawei Watch D user guide videos, accessories, and specific use of this recorder, let’s take a look at how the watch is measuring blood pressure.

As you can see from the pictures, Huawei WATCH D is rich in accessories, including the body of the watch, different sizes of straps, different sizes of airbags, as well as the ruler for measuring wrist circumference, charger, user guide, etc.

Huawei Watch D User Guide Video

According to the Huawei Watch D user guide video, WATCH D needs to measure wrist circumference, for matching size strap and airbag. After the measurement, you can adjust the strap according to the scale, and you can also change different sizes of straps and different sizes of airbags.

When measuring blood pressure, the user can open the measurement by double-clicking the button of WATCH D. It is necessary to keep quiet, heart at the same height, palms on the shoulders, support the elbows, and feet flat.

Huawei WATCH D supports measuring the wearer’s high pressure, low pressure, pulse, and also ECG. Source also broke the news that the WATCH D is configured with 32MB + 4GB storage and can be connected to Bluetooth headphones. In addition, Huawei WATCH D there is a light color model, the specific price, source suggest about 2998 RMB.

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