iQOO Explains How iQOO Neo5s Protects Eyes

How iQOO Neo5s Protects Eyes

How iQOO Neo5s Protects Eyes

iQOO will be officially released iQOO Neo5S cell phone on December 20, the product will be equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor, built-in independent display chip. Today the official preview of the product again, said the phone will be the first “full maintenance eye dimming system” showing how iQOO Neo5S protects eyes.

The system includes a photosensitive sensor and an exclusive brightness adjustment algorithm that can provide up to 16,000 dimming levels. The phone is deeply optimized, using different optimization algorithms combined with different environmental brightness so that the screen can bring a smooth and comfortable experience for users in all situations.

It is worth mentioning that with the support of this unique display chip Pro, it will bring unique MEMC motion calculation and compensation technology, which allows even low frame games to be boosted to 120 fps through frame interpolation technology, and also ensures stable high frame rate images for a long time. Officially, it can keep more than 120 minutes of continuous and stable output in the game “Honor of King” and run a full 120fps screen.

To better release the performance of Snapdragon 888, iQOO Neo5S will also debut high conductivity rare earth heat dissipation, thermal conductivity up to 200% of the original, rare earth elements all-round coverage of the phone space up to 89.4%.


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