Most Advanced iQOO Neo5S Cooling System Officially Detailed

iQOO Neo5S Cooling System

iQOO Neo5S Cooling System

This period to send a new machine is particularly large, iQOO is also one of the brands, it will bring Snapdragon 888 flagship iQOO Neo5S on the 20th.

From the product name it is easy to see that this is a small upgrade version of the iQOO Neo5, but according to the configuration of the news is not small at all, first of all, Snapdragon 870 upgrade for Snapdragon 888, followed by the addition of high conductivity rare earth materials in the phone cooling system, for the high heat of Snapdragon 888, it can be said to be the right remedy.

Today the official continues to bring pre-warm content for this new product but also announced for the first time the iQOO Neo5S cooling technology details along with the appearance of the machine design.

From the picture, iQOO Neo5S or iQOO cell phones this year the unified design ID, rear triple camera lens module, and below the module there is a metal plate marked the key parameters of the camera information, the phone rear shell material, no surprise should also be AG glass. In addition to the Snapdragon 888 processor, the machine will also be equipped with a unique display chip to bring some improvement in the display effect.

As for the iQOO Neo5S cooling system, iQOO brings high conductivity rare earth cooling brings all-day atomic level cooling engine. iQOO said rare earth material is known as the “mother of new materials” “industrial gold”, is widely used in military, superconductivity, hydrogen storage field of high-performance materials, but also used in 5G communication base station filter, car engine mount, aviation engine housing.

Neo5S is the first to add rare earth: lanthanum (La) and cerium (Ce) to the heat dissipation system, optimizing the metal material at the atomic level and achieving 200% of the original thermal conductivity.

iQOO also said that, at present, the limit of the flagship platform performance release is heat dissipation; and limit the of thermal imagination is the body structure and weight. iQOO Neo5S from the origin, by doing subtraction, innovative upgrade of the core thermal materials. Lanthanum high thermal conductivity rare earth gold cooling material, without increasing the weight of the premise, to achieve the effect of covering 89.4% of the entire machine area, double the thermal conductivity; and with the phone’s top of the large area graphite plate, liquid cooling even thermal plate collaboration, to achieve the ultimate balance of heat dissipation and weight. iQOO used High thermal conductivity thin alloy 11098mm, large area graphite plate, liquid-cooled uniform heat plate 5908mm, and 1552mm respectively.

iQOO said that the birth of the rare earth cooling system, from conception to implementation, by more than a hundred people in the R&D team, over 18 months, invested in highly sophisticated instruments repeatedly tested and polished.


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