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OPPO AR Glass Official Now

Today, OPPO officially launched the new generation of smart glasses OPPO Air Glass at INNO DAY 2021. Pioneering design, as thin as a cicada wing, as light as a feather.

OPPO Air Glass is a pioneering monocular split design, with the use of curves to bring the ultimate sense of light design. The overall weight of the glasses is less than 30 grams, and the thickness of the lenses is only 1.3mm, which is the lightest monocular waveguide glasses in the industry, and the user feels the same as wearing sunglasses, significantly reducing the “foreign body feeling” when using them.


OPPO Air Glass is a unibody design with a feather imagery design, the overall form is light, just like the feather root in the feather; the lens part breaks through the traditional round or round rectangular design, with gradient screen printing, adding a sense of lightness to the appearance; the body part of the mirror is slim, the delicate structure of the stacked including optical machine, PCB motherboard, touch, battery, dual Microphone, speaker and other devices.

Self-developed micro-optical machine, cutting-edge Micro LED, and 5 pieces of high-transmission glass lens

OPPO Air Glass is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100 wearable device platform, integrating self-developed Spark micro-optical machine, Micro LED, and custom optical waveguide technology.

The Spark microlight machine is the smallest light machine in the industry, only about the size of a coffee bean; the light machine body is made of CNC unibody metal, integrated with five high-transmittance glass lenses, bringing better heat dissipation and stability, without fear of the impact of the use environment on the light machine display performance.

Oppo AR Glass

Meanwhile, the Micro LED display technology, when used, can provide up to 3 million nits of display brightness, both in indoor and outdoor environments with complex lighting conditions, can provide clear and bright display content, significantly enhancing the user experience.

OPPO Air Glass uses custom diffractive light waveguide technology to support two display modes of 16 grayscale and 256 grayscale, providing an average of 1400 nits of in-eye brightness, allowing users to see images more clearly and brightly. In addition, OPPO chose two pieces of sapphire glass with better permeability and sturdiness to protect the waveguide display area with a “sandwich” structure, making the entire display area more robust and durable.

OPPO Air Glass was designed with the needs of people with refractive errors in mind and has two frames designed specifically for use by people with normal vision and refractive errors. In the future, more styles and functional kits will be available to meet the needs of more occasions.

Four types of interaction for more freedom of control

OPPO Air Glass provides four interaction modes, including touch, voice, gesture, and head movement control, allowing users to freely choose their favorite interaction mode according to their usage habits.

After waking up the intelligent assistant, users can set up and use the basic functions of the glasses by voice; when pairing with OPPO Watch, users can confirm, cancel and switch application cards by rotating the palm of their hands and making a fist; the innovative head movement control allows users to open notifications by gently lowering their heads; and tilting their heads gently, notifications can be put away, realizing the new possibility of efficient access to information.

Through a dedicated app, OPPO Air Glass can be used with phones that support ColorOS 11 or above and OPPO Watch. Simply select different application cards in the app, and OPPO Air Glass will be able to provide information notifications from that application.

Rich and diverse innovative applications, two strategic partners

OPPO Air Glass provides users with a rich variety of application cards, including OPPO’s applications and third-party applications, to achieve a breakthrough transformation from a toy to a tool for smart glasses. Their applications include weather inquiry, schedule management, health management, and other common functions.

Among its innovative applications, intelligent translation solves the problem of communication efficiency between different languages. Users only need to pair each other’s cell phones, or turn on the function and have a conversation, the conversation will be automatically translated and displayed in the glasses window, and support bilingual translation.

The teleprompter function is one of the highlight features of OPPO Air Glass, which can prompt important information to users in the glasses window in the scenes of speeches and meetings, providing great convenience for speakers.

Based on the strategic cooperation with Baidu Map, OPPO Air Glass supports navigation on Baidu Map for walking and riding, as well as exploration of the surrounding environmental information through Baidu Map.

OPPO has also cooperated with the Key Laboratory of Human Factors and Ergonomics of the Chinese Academy of Standardization, and OPPO Air Glass has passed a full-featured test based on actual application scenarios to verify visual comfort and safety under prolonged wear. The two sides also jointly launched a group standard development project on “visual comfort of near-eye display” to promote the development of the industry.

To promote the development of the XR industry, the SDK of OPPO Air Glass will be fully open, including the customized version of the Baidu map will also be concentrated in the SDK.

Two colorways, limited release in spring 2022

OPPO Air Glass will be available in two colorways, Silver Wing and Black Mirror, along with two custom frame kits, and will be available for the Chinese market in the spring of 2022. Meanwhile, OPPO will also offer a surprise trial for OPPO users in February 2022.

Liu Chang, director of OPPO Research Institute, said, “In the future, smart glasses will become the most important ‘third screen’ in personal life, after cell phones and watches. We are very pleased to launch OPPO Air Glass, a smart glasses that is truly within the reach of consumers.” As for the Oppo AR Glass price, no words yet.


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