Official Highlights iQOO Neo5S Three Core Features

iQOO Neo5S Three Core Features

iQOO Neo5S Three Core Features

Today many manufacturers together to announce the release of new machines, such as the Huawei P50 Pocket foldable phone, Vivo S12 Series, Honor X30 of new machines, and now iQOO official announcement, iQOO Neo5S will be officially released on December 20, to bring you the evolution of the “dual-core” system.

What will be the surprise performance of the two powerful cores combined? Official released iQOO Neo5S three core features promotional posters. The first poster is for performance. iQOO C-bit powerful dual-core open high frame low power consumption era. Compared with the previous generation CPU performance increased by 25%, GPU performance increased by 35%. This performance too can hit the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 debut, the experimental running score is about 861265 points.

The second poster brings highlights on iQOO Neo5S’s cooling system. At this time, the powerful dual-core opens the era of the high frame and low power consumption. The innovation incorporates high-conductivity heat dissipation rare earth elements. The thermal conductivity is as high as 200% of the original. The rare earth elements cover up to 89.4% of the mobile phone space.

According to the previous news, iQOO Neo5s debut rare earth alloy material, which is a high thermal conductivity rare earth alloy material, relatively thin and light, which allows the entire thickness of the machine to reduce 0.05mm and reduce the weight of about 7-10g.

The third poster highlights the independent display chip, which emphasized more Pro, the “Vision” is more powerful and half-powerful dual-core. Open the high-frame low-power era of the independent display chip Pro, sharing half of the rendering work for the GPU in the game. The frame rate has increased and the power consumption has been reduced.

From the current news, iQOO Neo5s is the iQOO Neo5 iteration of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip, stronger performance, and from the previous preview will also be the first to carry the original system OriginOS Ocean.


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