Next Year Foldable Phones Price will Match Regular Flagship Price

Foldable Phones Price will Drop as Mainstream Manufacturers Entering

In addition to the recent eye-catching OPPO Find N, Vivo, Xiaomi, Motorola, Samsung, Huawei, and other manufacturers have to release news of foldable display phones, which means that the current folding screen-related technology has begun to regional maturity and stability.

The growth in shipments and the new entry of manufacturers in the foldable display phone market show that the positioning of folding-screen phones in the user community has begun to transition from the “Tasting” category to the “Main” category and will usher in a full explosion next year.

Today, the well-known blogger Digital Chat Station said, “some people do not seem to be optimistic about the folding screen, but next year a large wave of new folding screen machine is approaching, the good spurt growth. Now the normal horizontal in-fold form still has to be small 10,000 yuan, next year you can hit the price of the normal form of a high-end flagship.”

(In Picture: Huawei Mate X2)

According to the blogger, in the next year, mainstream brands will follow the folding screen (except Apple), and there will be a significant price drop, which is expected to reach the normal form of high-end flagship models of price.


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