Moto Edge X30 Pre-sale Closed as Stock Completely Sold Out

Moto Edge X30 Pre-sale Closed

Moto Edge X30 Pre-sale Closed

Two days ago, Motorola held a press conference to launch the Moto Edge X30, which is the world’s first Snapdragon 8 Gen1 phone, and also directly open pre-sale at the same time. The official news is that the machine will officially go on sale on the 15th, and will be the fastest you can get your hands on a new Snapdragon 8 flagship machine.

Early this morning, Chen Jin, general manager of Lenovo China’s cell phone business, said in a Weibo post that the five-digit inventory of the Moto Edge X30 deposit pre-sale had been completely sold out, so the pre-sale was temporarily closed and production was being stepped up.

The pre-sale of Moto Edge X30 is expected, as the machine is after all the world’s first new Snapdragon flagship core, and it has been sold first before the launch time has been announced by all of them so that everyone can try it in advance.

I got up early in the morning and found that the x30 deposit presale for the five-digit inventory amount had all sold out, which was a little surprising. Everyone’s support is enthusiastic, thank you! Temporarily closed the pre-sale, is stepping up production, the first sale on December 15 we will follow up with another set of goods. Our effort is to try to get everyone to buy and be the first to experience the new Snapdragon 8 and moto’s solid flagship design.

Said, Chen Jin.

Most importantly, the Moto Edge X30 debut will be directly Snapdragon 8 Gen1 flagship price to 2999 yuan, directly set the starting price within 3000 yuan, the conference announced the price directly stunned the crowd.

Chen Jin previously said, moto global sales continue to grow, this year has exceeded 50 million units, is expected to moto global smartphone shipments this year will exceed 53 million units.


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