Samsung Patent Rollable Display Smartwatch

Samsung Rollable Display Smartwatch Patent Exposure

Samsung Rollable Display Smartwatch Patent Exposure

With OPPO officially announcing OPPO X 2021 rollable screen concept machine at the Future Technology Conference, major cell phone manufacturers began to follow suit to announce their own rollable screen concept machine. However, there are manufacturers to find another way to apply the rollable screen to other equipment vendors.

Recently, the Letsgodigital exposed Samsung’s smartwatch patent, and the smartwatch is different, is the use of the over-the-top rollable screen design. The report points out that the patent was applied for by Samsung Electronics to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on June 2, 2021, and was approved on December 9.

Samsung Rollable Display Smartwatch Patent

From the patent, this is a screen that can be retracted Samsung Galaxy Watch, in the normal state, the shape and Galaxy Watch are not very different. However, the screen is not a one-piece design but is composed of two semi-circular screens. In the middle of the two semi-circular screens, there will be a narrow frame, which is also used to retract the screen of the key design. And there is a camera on the frame for daily image capture.

The user can control the retraction of the two semi-circular screens through the crown on the side of the frame. In addition, the screen can also be controlled by sliding the screen to retract. If the two screens are fully expanded, the dial will expand from a circle to an oval, expanding the area by about 40%.

Of course, the user can also choose to stretch only one screen or both are stretched according to the different needs of the application scenario. However, it seems that if you want to use the camera, you also need to extend the screen to complete.

However, at present, this is only a patent, although has described in detail the possibility of various operations, but it is not clear whether Samsung intends to mass production of this smartwatch. Perhaps, Samsung will first launch a scrolling screen phone before launching this smartwatch.


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