Lenovo YOGA T500 Play Smart Projector Debuts With Built-in Battery

Lenovo YOGA T500 Play Smart Projector

Lenovo YOGA T500 Play Smart Projector

Yesterday, Lenovo held a conference in Beijing, in conference Lenovo officially launched Lenovo YOGA T500 Play smart projector. Lenovo YOGA T500 Play positioned mobile HD projection, with a hundred-inch projection area, cinema-grade immersive sound, large built-in battery, and other key features, the new debut price of 2699 yuan (regular price is 2999 yuan).

Lenovo YOGA T500 Play Smart Projector

In terms of sound, the Lenovo YOGA T500 Play not only continues the excellent sound rendering power of its predecessor, the T500, but also has a pair of 2.0-inch 10-watt neodymium-iron-boron internal magnetic cinema-quality speakers, complemented by dual passive radiators and a large sound cavity.

In addition, the YOGA T500 Play can also stand alone as a Bluetooth speaker, allowing for over 10 hours of continuous music playback without turning on the light source, making it multifunctional.

In terms of picture presentation, the YOGA T500 Play delivers a large projection area of up to 100 inches of 1080P HD resolution and supports 4K cinema-grade video decoding. In terms of picture quality, the YOGA T500 Play supports the Lenovo EEP Intelligent Picture Enhancement Engine, which adds brilliant color effects to the picture with clarity, while the T500 Play also supports HDR10+ and HLG decoding.

In terms of the light source, the Lenovo YOGA T500 Play uses DLP projection technology with RGB+B four-way high brightness LED light source. The new Cat’s Eye intelligent light-sensing technology allows the brightness of the screen to automatically adjust to the appropriate brightness for the human eye with the ambient light. In addition, the T500 Play also has 3 seconds of extremely fast focus and a four-point keystone correction function, to ensure that the picture is projected that is square and perfect.

In terms of battery life, the YOGA T500 Play has a built-in 22,500mAh Li-ion battery, which allows for a maximum viewing time of 5 hours, equivalent to 3 movies or 60 cartoons in a row.

The YOGA T500 Play is equipped with a Type-C graphic interface, so you can connect your PlayStation, Switch, or cell phone to the T500 Play via a cable and experience a small screen that turns into a 100-inch screen in seconds. It can be linked to the personal cloud to directly play music, videos, and other content from the personal cloud.

In terms of hardware, the Lenovo YOGA T500 Play uses the Amlogic T972 high-end chip and 2GB +16GB of storage space. In addition, the T500 Play uses a three-dimensional intelligent partitioned cooling architecture, CPU temperature intelligent control fan speed, to achieve high-efficiency copper tube thermal conductivity based on the ultra-low silent effect.

In terms of body design, T500 Play has a simple and generous design style, the champagne gold top with cherry white body and light gray textured velvet mesh, appearing more textured and versatile. The three-dimensional fabric panel section allows for more penetrating sound and easy cleaning.


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