OriginOS Ocean Official Now: 47 Models on Upgrade Roadmap

OriginOS Ocean Official Now

OriginOS Ocean Official Now

On the evening of December 9, Vivo officially released OriginOS Ocean, the first major version upgrade since the release of OriginOS, with a new visual design and interaction.

OriginOS Ocean Official Introduction

In terms of UI, the two parallel worlds of OriginOS 1.0 are integrated, and the main screen can zoom in or out, split and close icons without starting the parallel world, while the control center, notification center, and negative screen all get a new design.

Control Center not only can adjust the functions but also shows the remaining power, network status, sensitive permissions, and other information, which is more clear at a glance.

The transformer is changed to user-friendly icon size, redesigned icon and text layout provides three icon sizes, small, medium, and large, and adds staging area and folder system.

The lock screen interface has also been redesigned, the corresponding function can be opened when the surrounding APP is dragged to the middle fingerprint position, and the atomic notification is changed to capsule form, when reading and browsing in any interface, you can see the important notification content in real-time without leaving the current page.

Functionally, OriginOS Ocean has memory management, instant start/stop, and atomic start engine to improve animation response speed, this aspect has a strong perception in demo animation, subsequent upgrades can be tried.

And the new Atomic music player is introduced. The colors and shapes on the music panel will show different styles with the music type and playing status, and the buttons and background colors on the interface also support customization in the settings page. Atomic Reading adds a new marker function, reading mode, and personalized reading settings.

Privacy, built-in atomic privacy system, with data minimization, privacy side processing, biometrics, and other functions, user data does not need to upload to the cloud, the app calls camera, recording, positioning and other permissions will automatically prompt.

At the same time, the image has been greatly improved, and for the first time in the industry, a series of parameters such as natural saturation, hue saturation, hue brightness, contrast, exposure, etc. have been integrated, and parameters can be adjusted by simply sliding up and down, left and right.

OriginOS Ocean adds a child guardian component. When the parent’s phone is bound to the phone, the parent can visualize the child’s use of the device status through the change of the 3D miniature, such as whether there is a dark environment use, lying posture use, and other conditions, as well as view the length of use of the device, common applications, vision protection, etc.

In addition, Vivo has reached a cooperation with the little genius, you can view the child’s location status real-time guardianship on the desktop, which can be said to be very much in line with the requirements of parents.

OriginOS Ocean Upgrade Roadmap

Finally, the models, OriginOS Ocean is divided into four batches of push, the first batch of adaptations will be opened on December 30, including X70, X70 Pro, X70 Pro+, iQOO 7, and many other models, April 2022 push the fourth batch, iQOO 3, iQOO Z3 and some other old models can be upgraded, covering a total of 47 models.

OriginOS Ocean User Experience

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