Huawei Mate V Protective Case Exposed Rear Design Language

Huawei Mate V Protective Case Exposure

Huawei Mate V Protective Case Exposure

According to the previous report, Huawei will release a new generation foldable display flagship that will use a different folding scheme than the Mate X foldable series. The new high-end foldable screen machine positioned on the female market, using the upper and lower folding scheme, tentatively named Huawei Mate V.

Following the previously suspected renderings, Today, blogger Ice Universe spotted a set of images of the Huawei Mate V protective case. From the picture, Huawei Mate V foldable phone back continues the classic Huawei P50 series of starburst ring lens group design, and the previous online outflow of renderings are the same.

In short, Huawei Mate V and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 folding scheme, in the folded state of the form similar to the traditional flip phone, small size, easy to carry, but with different rear designs. The two rings on the back allowed respectively for camera and secondary display.

In addition, sources say that hinge supplier Zhaoli Technology has started mass production of a new hinge for the Huawei Mate V, which requires fewer parts and higher yields than its predecessor. As for the core specifications, consider the Kirin 9000 5G chip last inventory. Huawei this new folding screen machine may also use Qualcomm chips, if the use of Qualcomm chips, will only support 4G networks.

It is worth noting that a blogger previously broke the news that Huawei will hold a product launch conference on December 23, will launch watches, TVs, laptops, cell phones, and many other new products. Combined with previous news, new products or Huawei Mate V folding-screen phone, Huawei Watch D blood pressure smartwatch, Huawei Watch Fit mini sports watch Huawei wisdom screen and ink screen products.


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