Moto Edge X30 Promotional Material Reveals All Mysteries

Moto Edge X30 Promotional Material

Moto Edge X30 Promotional Material

Following the previous Motorola official news, its Moto Edge X30 will achieve a new generation of Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chip first debut, the new machine will be officially released tomorrow along with a special under-screen Camera Version.

In recent times, Motorola has also been warming up the Moto Edge X30 in many ways, announcing a lot of information about the new machine, and today it finally revealed the design of the machine.

The Moto Edge X30 promotional material shows that the device will have at least two colorways, according to the actual pictures released by Chen Jin, and the official claim is that the inspiration was found in Chinese poetry, naming it “Qiongtai Snow” (White) and “Qiu Tong Ying” (Black).

This is also the first time Motorola announced the back design of the new machine, the figure can be seen, Edge X30 back using a very unique oval triple camera scheme, and previously announced renderings are the same.

Previous revelations revealed that the specifications of the camera’s three rear cameras are 50MP main camera (OV50A, OIS support) + 50MP ultra-wide angle (S5KJN1) + 2MP depth of field (OV02B1B) triple camera combination, and the front lens is 60MP.

As for the front design, the official has also been announced in addition to the real machine map, it uses a centered perforated full-screen, both sides of the bezel control is relatively excellent, and the upper and lower bezel also made equal width processing, although the overall screen ratio does not look high, the visual perception is quite good.

Motorola has also revealed that the new phone will use double-sided Corning Gorilla Glass and new technology, and there will be a bunch of new functions/features released for the first time in addition to the chip.

The screen uses a 6.67-inch 1080P+ resolution OLED perforated screen that supports 144Hz high brush and has HDR10+ certification. Other aspects, Edge X30’s built-in 5000mAh battery, supporting 68W fast charging, pre-installed Android 12-based MYUI 3.0 system, support IP52 level of water and dust resistance and Wi-Fi 6.

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