Xiaomi Super 100-watt Flash Charging is in Testing with Large Battery Capacity

Xiaomi Super 100-watt Flash Charging

Xiaomi Super 100-watt Flash Charging

In today’s morning, the well-respected Weibo blogger shared a post revealing that Xiaomi super 100-watt flash charging is currently in internal testing and also taking into account on a larger capacity battery, the battery life and charging speed will be guaranteed at the same time.

Unfortunately, the blogger did not reveal the specific specifications of this new fast-charging program, as well as the relevant models. From what is known so far, the maximum fast charging limit of the Xiaomi 12 series is 120W, although Xiaomi 12 Ultra may be unveiled a little later in March/April, it will still be equipped with a 120W solution.

This means that Xiaomi’s new super 100-watt flash charging will not be unveiled until the second half of the year or the MIX 5 series at the earliest. It’s worth mentioning that there has been a lot of breaking news that Xiaomi will support higher than 120W power fast charging specifications on its high-end flagship products in the second half of next year.


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