Three Models of Xiaomi 12 Series Certified; Xiaomi 12 Pro With 120W

Three Models of Xiaomi 12 Series Certified

Three Models of Xiaomi 12 Series Certified

Although it seems that the first launch of the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chip may be snatched by Motorola, but Xiaomi 12 is still the only official Qualcomm certified the first launch of Snapdragon 8 Gen1. According to previous news, the Xiaomi 12 series should make its official debut at the end of this month, probably around the 28th.

The latest news from the well-known Weibo blogger Digital Chat Station is that all three new models of the Xiaomi 12 series are now in the network, and the three certificates are complete, which means that only the final step to the launch is left.

Comprehensive known news, Xiaomi 12 series this time perhaps will launch Xiaomi 12X, Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi 12 Pro three new machines, the appearance remains the same, the main gap is still in the core configuration, will focus on different consumers.

The three models of the Xiaomi 12 series have been entered into the network, including Xiaomi 12 model 2201123C, Xiaomi 12 Pro model 2201122C, and Xiaomi 12X model 2112123AC. In addition, the charger certification information on the 3C page shows that the Xiaomi 12 Pro will support 120W (20V/6A) fast charging.

Among them, Xiaomi 12X will be a small screen flagship, equipped with a 6.3-inch screen, support 120Hz high brush, the core will be equipped with Snapdragon 870, may become the most fragrant small screen flagship models.

Xiaomi 12, on the other hand, will be equipped with more than a 6.5-inch dual-curved display, the resolution is expected to support 2K + level, the chip is naturally the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen1.

As for the high specification Xiaomi 12 Pro, in addition to having the strongest performance Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chip, it will also get corresponding upgrades in various aspects such as imaging and fast charging and will be a very comprehensive and high-end flagship.

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