Vivo Scroll Screen Phone Demonstrated in Patent

Vivo Scroll Screen Phone Patent Exposure

Vivo Scroll Screen Phone Patent Exposure

Expandable screen phones are not new in the market as OPPO has previously shown the OPPO X 2021 scroll screen concept but did not bring it to market. Recently 91Mobiles discovered a patent from Vivo showing the phone will have an expandable display that can be extended from the right side to increase the size of the display.

According to a patent application submitted by Vivo at the World Intellectual Property Organization, the Vivo Scroll Screen phone may be in development. The patent was filed back in May 2021 and was published on December 2.

The Vivo Scroll Screen expandable display phone expands from the right side and retracts when not in use. The screen may expand when performing certain specific tasks, such as opening camera apps, reading documents, watching videos, etc.

The phone has a motor that automatically pulls out the screen when triggered. Vivo may even allow users to manually open the hidden screen when they see fit. The phone has a speaker grill at the top, while the USB Type-C port is on the right side. There are rectangular modules on the back for multiple camera sensors.

The phone has a punched hole on the top right corner of the front for the selfie camera. It’s hard to say if Vivo will launch this phone soon since the design is still in the patent stage, but given Vivo’s penchant for innovative designs, expect to see the design become a reality sometime in the future.


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