OPPO 150W Charging Phone Not Far Away; 10A System Data Line Production in Trial

OPPO 150W Charging Phone Coming

OPPO 150W Charging Phone Coming

In the field of cell phone fast charging OPPO has always had a deep technical accumulation, its original VOOC flash charging technology has always had excellent charging speed and extreme stability, and OPPO recently made a breakthrough in the field of fast charging.

Today, a new report claims that the OPPO 150W charging capable phone will not wait long. He said, “Although most of the first wave of new phones are still 65W and 80W, the 10A system data line chargers are in trial production, and the 150W phone will not wait long. OPPO will have a new phone.”

OPPO is already conducting trial production of data lines and chargers for the 10A system, which means that OPPO’s 150W fast charging technology has gradually become mature, rather than a concept technology.

But although OPPO’s 150W is on its way, it doesn’t mean that it will be able to experience it right away. According to the blogger, the next wave of new machines from both OPPO and OnePlus will continue to use 65W and 80W.

At the moment, the speed of cell phone fast charging has exceeded the 100W mark, reaching the level of 120W, but each manufacturer has not stopped competing for fast charging technology, the next fast charging speed record will be broken by who, let’s wait and see.

In addition, 2022 will have several new machines equipped with 120W and above fast charging technology. As previously reported, the RedMagic 7 Gaming Phone has passed 3C certification and its charger supports 20V/8.25A output, which means the phone can achieve 165W fast charging.


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