Design of Vivo New Phone is Same as Renders in OriginOS Ocean Promotion

Design of Vivo New Phone

Design of Vivo New Phone

Vivo previously announced that the original system OriginOS Ocean will be officially released at 19:00 on December 9. Yesterday, Vivo OriginOS official OriginOS Ocean teaser blog post hinted that there is a mysterious “new friend”, and today, the well-known microblogger Digital Chat Station released a blog post, revealing the rendering of Vivo’s phone.

The posters continue to promote OriginOS Ocean, equipped with a right-angle bezel, centered on the new phone pictures of unknown models of perforated screen reappeared. A light “scratch”, what else? This is the OriginOS Ocean, the “best inside and out” system.


According to Digital Chat Station, Vivo’s new phone with OriginOS Ocean pre-installed is similar to this design, with a centered single-hole straight screen + right-angle center frame + narrow chin + rear matrix image module, which feels okay, right?

This time, OriginOS Ocean seems to have a completely upgraded desktop system with new features such as UI design, super card packs, and music applications. OriginOS Ocean’s desktop home screen UI style has changed significantly compared to the previous generation system. The home screen no longer emphasizes “parallel worlds”, which means that OriginOS Ocean no longer offers a traditional Android desktop, but will always use the same redesigned desktop system.

In terms of UI style, OriginOS Ocean’s design language has also quietly changed, from the time icon to the call interface, it has become simpler, but also more vivid and interesting.

The newly unveiled lock screen interface in the upper right corner of the poster is likely to be one of the major surprise points of OriginOS Ocean. As you can see, several functions such as photo, payment, and trip reminder appear in a more prominent form in the lock screen interface and are surrounded by the fingerprint icon. This means that users can go to the desired application with a single click on the lock screen and perform “zero-level” operations more thoroughly.

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