OriginOS Ocean UI Interface Glimpse Unveiled

OriginOS Ocean UI Interface

OriginOS Ocean UI Interface

OriginOS Ocean, Vivo’s new operating system, will be officially released at 19:00 on the evening of December 9. After a few days of warming up, this morning the official finally announced part of the OriginOS Ocean UI of this new system.

OriginOS posted a message saying, “New pattern, just different. This is, Inside and out, everywhere is good
OriginOS Ocean.”

The official OriginOS Ocean UI interface includes a lock screen, desktop, music player, call, and reader. The OriginOS Ocean system adopts a minimalist design with flat icons and blue and white tones, while the call interface uses a colorful oval overlapping pattern.

From the official sample images, we can see that the main page of OriginOS Ocean has been redrawn with a large number of application icons, and the icons are all designed with a unified color scheme, currently, the official color is the same blue as Vivo’s theme color, but I believe there will be something like red, yellow and so on to choose from.

The caller animation is also different from the current phones, using three large ellipses connected in a dynamic design, and the overall UI design is still flat, but the unit looks much more advanced.

There is still about a week to go before the launch, I wonder if Vivo will bring a new machine on the day of the release of the new system.


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