Vivo OriginOS Ocean Official Announcement Unveils Model List, Release Date, and New Version Naming

Vivo OriginOS Ocean Official Announcement

Vivo OriginOS Ocean Official Announcement

In addition to the hardware configuration of the phone itself, the software UI is also the focus of many users, including whether the follow-up can upgrade the latest major version of the update.

In today’s morning, Vivo officially announced that OriginOS Ocean will be officially released on December 9, which is the first big version update since Vivo released OriginOS, and can be regarded as OriginOS 2.0.

Vivo OriginOS Ocean Official Teaser

Over the past few days, speculations about which cell phone manufacturer the system codenamed Ocean appeared on overseas famous design websites came from have been widely discussed, causing widespread concern among the industry and netizens. The official announcement of OriginOS Ocean today confirms the speculation of many technology enthusiasts on the one hand and shows that Vivo did not follow the common way of naming the new version of the original system OriginOS in the software industry, but used “Ocean” as the name of the version.

In the opening scene of Vivo’s official announcement video, the “world” is off-white, with the big screen in New York Times Square counting down, the “world” ushers in a bright color, and after the countdown are over, the “Ocean” color overflows out of the big screen. After the countdown is over, the color of “Ocean” spills out of the screen and gradually lights up the surrounding area, making the physical world appear bright and colorful. It seems that OriginOS Ocean is the bridge that connects the digital world and the physical world, and eventually the world becomes colorful. This video demonstrates OriginOS Ocean’s ambition to start a digital revolution.

Vivo OriginOS Introduction

OriginOS has been attracting a lot of attention since its initial release. It’s animation and UI are completely different from the mainstream, and it has created a new desktop architecture system “Huarong Grid” with new animations and special effects.

As for the release of OriginOS Ocean, the official did not give more information, previously reported that the focus is on the function of this time, will join the mobile office function, as well as the PC and mutual file transfer.

OriginOS Ocean closed beta model includes X70, X70 Pro, X70 Pro+, X60 Pro+, X60t Pro+, X60 Pro, X60 curved-screen version, S10, S10 Pro, S9, and other vivo models.

At the same time, iQOO part of the models can also try, respectively iQOO 8 Pro, iQOO 8, iQOO 7, today in the official community to open registration, is expected to push on December 9.

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