Sony PS5 Pro and Slim Shines in Concept Video

Sony PS5 Pro and Slim Concept Video

Sony PS5 Pro and Slim Concept Video

Sony officially launched a new generation of gaming console PS5 series in November last year, its hardware has a huge upgrade compared to the previous generation of PS4, the use of PCIe 4.0 specifications of high-speed custom solid-state drives and AMD’s custom processor, strong performance.

Although after a year, Sony still has not been able to successfully solve the supply problem, PS5 in the market continues to be out of stock and in short supply, but the news that Sony is almost ready to upgrade the PS5 Pro version, the earliest will be officially unveiled in 2023.

Recently, a Letsgodigital and Concept Creator unveiled Sony PS5 Pro and Slip concept video and renderings. From the picture to see the shape of the machine continues the PS5 series of design style, but the overall look significantly more strong, and increased some streamline design, looks more design sense.

Sony PS5 Pro and Slim Concept Video

In addition to a stronger appearance, Sony PS5 Pro performance will also be more powerful, the news that it will be upgraded with a more powerful AMD SoC chip, up to 8K resolution games can be supported.


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