Realme CEO: Realme GT2 Pro is First High-end Flagship with Highest Specification

Realme CEO: Realme GT2 Pro is First High-end Flagship with Highest Specification

Realme GT2 Pro is First High-end Flagship

Realme with a large number of cost-effective models, hit 10 million sales this year, as a brand founded less than three years, it is rare. Also because of the main cost-effective, by the pricing cost constraints, it’s always not a top flagship, as the domestic mainstream brand, needs a high-end flagship to support the scene.

Today, Realme founder and CEO Li Bingzhong said on Weibo, “Every time we talk to our young users, we always hear them say they want stronger performance, better design, and a more extreme video experience, so we went all out to create realme’s first high-end flagship: the Realme GT2 Pro, and there’s nothing more inspiring than growing with our users!”

According to Bingzhong Li, this is a high-end flagship to go all out, should be free from price constraints, design, image, performance have been improved, then the price how to say it must be cross 4000 yuan price range. Vice President Xu Qi Chase even called it the highest specification flagship in the history of Realme, which took three years to build.

According to the specifications previously revealed by AnTuTu Benchmark, Realme GT2 Pro (Model: RMX3300) is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen1 flagship processor, which is based on Samsung’s 4nm process and has a CPU frequency of up to 3.0GHz and a GPU of Adreno 730, with AnTuTuTu running score achieving 1025215 points.

In addition, Realme GT2 Pro is bound to use a high-quality flexible OLED screen, flagship image, super-fast charging, large capacity battery these flagship configuration is also expected to not be absent.

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