BYD Smartwatch Posters Exposed its Multifunctional Usability

BYD Smartwatch Posters

BYD Smartwatch Posters

With the intelligence of the car, nowadays, smartphone watches unlock, control car operation more and more. BYD in the latest models, in the left rearview mirror, added NFC module, support a variety of NFC cell phone unlocking, also support smartwatch NFC unlocking, etc.

Now, BYD’s smartwatch is here, with intelligent ignition, comfortable entry, intelligent locking, lift the window, open the tailgate, and other functions, the perfect alternative to the original car key, is expected to be listed in December, the price is unknown.

From the preview poster, the BYD smartwatch has a metal bezel, sapphire glass, rubber strap, and a tougher shape. BYD smartwatch provides a variety of dials to choose from, which can display walking steps, heart rate, temperature, and other information, and users can also put the unlock button and lock button on the dial.

In addition to being a car key, it is also a full-featured large bracelet that supports a sports pedometer, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, caller information alert, and other functions. However, the third-party APP interface is not seen from the poster.

Compared with those watches of Apple, Huawei, and OPPO, the BYD smartwatch is more general in appearance and intelligence, but it is the only one in replacing BYD car keys, which should attract many BYD users.

It should be noted that BYD has not officially announced that it will launch a smartwatch, the above poster has not been officially confirmed, there is news that the smartwatch will be launched in December, it may be worthwhile to wait and see.

It can be said that this BYD watch, can perfectly replace the car key, and compared with the cell phone key, but also eliminates the need to open the APP operation, it is foreseeable that after the car key is on sale, there will certainly be a lot of BYD owners rush to order.


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