VIVO New Tablet is on the Way: Small-screen Gaming Tablet, Large OLED, and Ink screen Also Coming

VIVO New Tablet is on the Way

(In Picture: Realme Pad)

VIVO New Tablet is on the Way

The current tablet market has grown considerably compared to previous years, but the main direction of each tablet is relatively similar, which becomes a problem for small-scale users with specific needs.

According to the source, VIVO new tablet is already on the way and said that next year the tablet market will have more manufacturers to enter the game, consumers will have a large number of choices. It is reported that the tablet will use the Snapdragon 870 processor, other information is not yet public.

The report claims that in the next year there will be such products as small size gaming tablets, super large screen OLED tablets, and ink-screen tablets for specific needs and refine the positioning.

The refinement of the market classification and the increase of different kinds of products will be able to take good care of the needs of different users, to avoid the emergence of the gaming users feel that the tablet is too big to grasp, office users feel that the screen is too small enough to facilitate the situation.


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