OPPO Reno7 Pro Review: A New Look, A Harvest Of Hearts

Oppo Reno7 Pro Review

OPPO Reno7 Pro Review

Preface and picture appreciation

Reno series, the key product line of OPPO smartphones, has been updated quite fast since its launch two years ago, with six generations of products released so far, which is smashing.

In the field of smartphones, Reno’s update frequency is very rare, almost maintaining a rhythm of three generations per year going forward, according to the practice of electronic products, can only be said to be a product problem, after all, the life of the phone represents the quality, the longer the interval between updates, on behalf of the phone more durable, such as a yearly change of the iPhone.

Oppo Reno7 Pro Review

At first, the author thought OPPO is crazy, completely unable to see this road, no rules at all, but as the world’s top five manufacturers, do not know the advantages and disadvantages? After reviewing the information and analysis, he found the cleverness of OPPO.

Everyone knows, OPPO’s offline stores are amazing, almost popular to every county or town in the country, fully capable of supporting a large area of layouts, even if the three generations per year, the huge number of stores can quickly digest clean.

Three-quarters of global smartphone shipments, OPPO smartphones reached 36.7 million, only with Find X3 series and K series, it must be impossible to reach this figure, the only explanation is Reno series, but unfortunately, OPPO rarely open to the public Reno series of specific sales, what is called stifling? It is worth learning.

And then the product, each generation of Reno are good-looking, each generation of Reno has a unique feature of the camera, this series of inside and outside, completely tailored to the offline market, coupled with the price of more than 3,000 yuan, can not say that the supply does not meet the demand, but certainly not worried about selling, OPPO is playing the offline market to understand.

Near the end of the year, the OPPO Reno series ushered in the seventh generation of updates, that is, OPPO Reno7 is still familiar with the product warm-up, the main portrait video shooting, to see its performance.


ModelOPPO Reno7 Pro
Display6.55-inch OLED flexible straight screen,
Resolution 2400×1080,
Support 90Hz refresh rate
ColorStar rain wish / twilight snow gold, night black
BodyThickness about 7.45mm,
Weight about 180g
SoCDimensity 1200-Max (6nm)
RAM/ROMLPDDR4X, UFS 3.1 flash memory
Camera50MP main camera (IMX766)
8MP super wide-angle main camera
2MP macro
Front: 32MP selfie lens (RGBW sensor IMX709, f/2.4 aperture, 1/2.74)
UnlockUnder-screen Fingerprint recognition, camera face unlock
Battery, charging 4500mAh, 65w wired fast charge
Advanced features3D constant cooling central cooling system, X-axis linear motor
OSColorOS 12 based on Android 11.0
Price8 + 256GB version at 3699 yuan
12 + 256GB version at 3999 yuan
OPPO Reno7 Pro Specifications

The series provides three versions, author holds this Reno7 Pro, color with the star rain lithography process for the star rain wishes.

Reno7 Pro uses a straight screen, with a hole in the upper left corner and a right-angle bezel design, which has a very high screen-to-body ratio. Many users teased that the machine and the iPhone 13 series is quite similar, especially the design of the right-angle bezel the previous generation Reno 6 standard version is the right-angle bezel and straight screen, this time the whole system is not surprising, as for the borrowing or not, the positioning of the two itself is different, the price is very different, nothing to argue.

In terms of parameters, OPPO Reno7 Pro uses a 6.55-inch OLED flexible screen, 2400 × 1080 resolution, supports 90Hz refresh rate, the overall is not too bright, belongs to the level of use.

The camera layout is a dual-stage design, reducing the thickness of the body

The OPPO Reno7 Pro is difficult to show with photos, the real machine is better than the real machine pictures, you can go to the physical store experience, the back cover is a star rain lithography process, you can see a dense diagonal line, similar to a shooting star crossed, most offline female users are very eaten OPPO’s face, this should not be an exception.

The camera layout changes are strange, before the continuation of the long-standing rectangular camera layout is very good, I do not know for what reason OPPO to make changes, the lens appears asymmetrical, although the double-step design reduces the visual thickness, but the overall somewhat abrupt.

Looking back at the six generations of Reno products, the author feels that OPPO Reno7 Pro lacks a sense of refinement, mainly because of the straight screen and right-angle bezel, the top bezel is also without the text logo and special treatment, the previous details cut too much.

The reason why OPPO designed this is probably to enhance the recognition of the shape, and the previous generation of products to distinguish, but the overall no OPPO original kind of design, I hope the follow-up products back to their roots.

Right-angle border transition

The bezel is a right-angle design, but a closer look has a beveled surface treatment, solving the problem of gripping hands.

Power button on the right side
The left side of the fuselage is the volume button
Microphone on the top of the body
Speaker, USB Type-C port, speaker, SIM card slot at the bottom of the body
The package comes with a case, 65W charger and data cable

System and highlights

The OPPO Reno7 Pro runs on ColorOS 12 based on Android 11, which has been released for some time. The animation UI has not changed much, and the features are roughly the same as other models running ColorOS 12.

ColorOS 12 added a new feature called Omoji, in the Android camp is relatively rare, users can customize their preferences, pinch the Omoji you want, and then you can use it in video calls, rest screen.

ColorOS 12 continues the sidebar function, and strengthens it, after opening can be opened in any interface side slide, is a kind of quick start, support custom adds App, open is a small window mode.

OPPO as early as before the launch, has an OPPO special preview of this feature called starring breathing light, which can make the back of the image module edge to achieve the light effect, as shown in the figure below.

As the name implies, this function as a breathing light, OPPO industry-first fiber optic heat bending process, applied to the Reno7 Pro rear camera module, forming a starring breathing light design, can start the game when a short flash, SMS / call slowly flashing, charging when the corresponding light effect, although not very practical, but increased fun. But it adds fun and playfulness and belongs to the same nature as the previous dong transmission.

Performance and Gaming

The core configuration of the OPPO Reno7 Pro is equipped with the Dimensity 1200-Max processor, why the suffix is Max? It is the product of MediaTek’s 5G open architecture, before OnePlus, Realme has also launched models equipped with Dimensity 1200-AI, the latter mainly to improve the chip AI capabilities and improve the effectiveness of video recording.

As for the Dimensity 1200-Max, and the regular Dimensity 1200 parameters are the same, are built for TSMC 6nm process, to see its running score performance.

The OPPO Reno7 Pro after the actual test, OPPO Reno7 Pro AnTuTu Benchmark run score of 701742, and the recently released Realme GT Neo2T not much difference, fully exploiting the performance of the Dimensity 1200, the temperature increase is still acceptable but compared to the pursuit of performance of the game phone, or less interesting.

Storage, OPPO Reno7 Pro sequential read speed is 1969.6MB/s and sequential write speed is 1268.2MB/s, which is the normal performance of UFS 3.1 flash memory. Let’s take a look at its gaming performance, taking the currently popular “Glory of Kings” and “Peace Elite” as examples.

Glory of Kings

Turn on the highest image quality (90fps) currently supported by OPPO Reno7 Pro
Game fps

It may be the reason that it has not yet been released, in author’s hands Reno7 Pro temporarily does not support high frame rate games, “glory of king” the highest open to 60 frames, the actual test throughout without lag, the frame rate is also basically stable into a straight line, during the frame drop is switching interface, belongs to the normal phenomenon.

Peace Elite

Turn on the highest image quality (60fps) currently supported by OPPO Reno7 Pro
Game fps

Peace Elite is also not open high frame rate, the highest support to 60 fps, but the curve is obviously than the “glory of king” some twists and turns, during the frame drop, but then smooth, the game process without too much perception, smooth meticulous to the end.


Imaging is one of the main highlights of Reno7 Pro, Reno7 Pro rear for 50 megapixel’s main camera (IMX766) + 8 megapixel’s ultra-wide-angle + 2 megapixel’s macro three cameras.

It is worth saying that the front camera, the world’s first Sony joint custom IMX709 lens, claims a 60% increase in light sensitivity, why is OPPO so focused on the front camera lens, after all, the front camera is the most commonly used lens for Reno audience.

At the same time, the built-in OPPO self-developed RGBW image processing unit can improve the performance of dark light scenes. The super-sensitive cat-eye lens took 3 years of research and development cycle, invested 300 imaging engineers, billion costs, and accumulated 87 technical patents. First look at the performance of the front lens for portrait video.

OPPO Reno7 Pro Portrait Video

Daytime sample photos

buildings (default 12MP f/1.8 ISO-102 for main camera)
Buildings (default 12MP f/1.8 ISO-107 for main camera)
Buildings (8-megapixel wide-angle shot f/2.2 ISO-109)
Buildings (default 12MP f/1.8 ISO-104 for main camera)
Buildings (2X zoom, 12MP main camera crop f/1.8 ISO-132)
Indoor Hanging Lights (default 12MP f/1.8 ISO-514 for main camera)
Macro main camera (12MP f/1.8 ISO-525)
Macro mode (2MP macro lens f/2.4 ISO-360)

OPPO Reno7 Pro should be supplemented by default with some picture colors, such as recognizing the sky will deepen the color reproduction. It is not equipped with a telephoto lens, so the zoom aspect can only rely on the main camera for cropping, and algorithmic detail reproduction.

In addition, the macro lens, which is called by many people to make up the number, actually has a certain effect. In macro mode, the details of the paper cups are shown more clearly, which is suitable for close-up shooting.

Night Sample

Buildings (main camera default 12MP f/1.8 ISO-2392)
Buildings (night view on, default 12MP f/1.8 ISO-1942)
Buildings (default 12MP f/1.8 ISO-1967 for main camera)
Buildings (default 12MP f/1.8 ISO-1886 for main camera)
Buildings (default 12MP f/1.8 ISO-1725 for the main camera)

Reno7 Pro’s night performance is very clean, basically no screen noise, the reason is the algorithm tuning, and not just letting the dark brighten, but try to suppress the highlights, the use of ambient light to supplement the light source, restore a pure picture, but usually there will be reflective reflections in the highlights, but Reno7 Pro actual test basically no, OPPO has years of experience in camera algorithms, and continuous investment in research and development is inseparable.

Battery life and charging

In terms of battery life, OPPO Reno7 Pro has a built-in 4500mAh battery, which is a common battery capacity at present, and given that it is equipped with the Dimensity 1200-Max processor, let’s see how long it lasts. The usual AnTuTu stress test function was used to conduct the superpower consumption test.

The stress test is a function built into the AnTuTu review to test the stability of the device’s performance by performing high-load calculations, requiring the CPU to perform a large number of calculations, so the power consumption is greater compared to video, daily use, and other scenarios.

The OPPO Reno7 Pro under the superpower consumption test, OPPO Reno7 Pro lasted 175 minutes, this time for the model equipped with Dimensity 1200 is a normal performance, light use of a day no problem, and thanks to system optimization, daily standby power consumption is not much, mainly because the CPU is fully loaded in the case of high power consumption, but also this means that if you are playing a game more power consumption.

Then look at the range estimate, because this result is based on the CPU has been in the case of full load to obtain, taking into account our daily use and bright screen time, so this data to be converted into a multiple, resulting in Reno7 Pro can have 6 hours of continuous use time.

Then comes the charging, Reno7 Pro is equipped with the ancestral 65W wired fast charging, let’s see how it performs.

After the actual test, OPPO Reno7 Pro took 30 minutes to charge to 100%, including 10 minutes to charge 46% of the power, indicating that 65W maintained a long period of high power, and no heat, OPPO on the charging aspect of the research is quite deep, despite the lack of 100 watts of power, but now the 65W charging basic Meet the daily use.


The OPPO Reno 7 Pro is the same as its predecessor, with the same familiar “formula”, especially the super-sensitive cat-eye camera so that its portrait shooting ability is improved again. The OPPO Reno 7 Pro answers, as the first sentence of the open package, in my eyes you will shine.

In the past, after the release of Reno’s new machine, there are usually a lot of questionable voices, such as the machine configuration is low, no cost-effective to speak of, but after six generations of products, the Reno series is still the same, why? Because the positioning is different.

The Reno series is a tailor-made model for female users, and it can even be said that OPPO has not considered the pursuit of performance users from the beginning, if the users who like to take selfies to pursue performance and practicality is not reasonable, OPPO understands this very well, so the Reno series has only one goal, that is, how to capture the hearts of young ladies.

Oppo Reno7 Pro Review

The Reno 7 Pro, after six generations of products, the shape has changed a lot, I think some redundant, there is no need to change for the sake of change, abandoning the previous polished texture and details for many years, the lack of a sense of refinement, but also understandable, after all, two years, more or less aesthetic fatigue.

Cost-effectiveness and performance aside, just from the nature of Reno’s product, the Reno 7 Pro is a very sincere iteration of the upgrade, fully in line with the needs of most female users of smartphones, at least I think so. And no matter what, the machine is still not worried about selling, just because it is the OPPO Reno series.

Note: This review was originally published on AnTuTu Benchmark by Wanglei.

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