Xiaomi 12 Ultra Likely be Subsumed into the MIX 5 Series

Xiaomi 12 Ultra Subsumed into the MIX 5 Series

Xiaomi 12 Ultra Subsumed into the MIX 5 Series

This March, Xiaomi first launched the top of the digital series of models Xiaomi 11 Ultra, which is also the top configuration of high-end flagship products in the history of Xiaomi, in all aspects gives the strongest technology Xiaomi.

In addition to the performance, battery, screen of the regular top configuration, but also in the image of a turnaround battle, the DXO ranking first, and even called Android light, whether at night or telephoto and other aspects are very good.

Therefore, users have been looking forward to the second generation of the high-end flagship Xiaomi 12 Ultra, but the latest news shows that the phone may be cut. According to the well-known breaking news blogger, Digital Chat Station revealed: “l1 if returned to the real flagship series, from the scheduling is not to catch up SM8475, and the current measurement is also still SM8450. Personal feeling is not too necessary, although its peripheral specifications are also top-level…”

The “l1” refers to the Xiaomi 12 Ultra model, while the real flagship is generally the MIX series. This means that the Xiaomi 12 Ultra will likely be subsumed into the MIX 5 series, and given that it is more balanced in all aspects, it may be called the MIX 5 Pro.

It should be noted that, according to the blogger’s message, this may mean that if the Xiaomi 12 Ultra (l1) is included in the MIX 5 series, it will not be able to catch up with the TSMC version of the SM8475 from the release schedule, and the SM8450 from Samsung is currently being tested not much performance improvement.

Although some regret, in the end, called Xiaomi 12 Ultra or MIX 5 Pro are just naming, ultimately depends on the configuration and comprehensive experience. It is worth mentioning that since the model has been classified as MIX series planning, the machine will likely carry a new generation of under-screen front camera technology, bringing more extreme screen effects, worth looking forward to.


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