Honor 60 Series Warm-up Video Unveil Unique Design Language

Honor 60 Series Warm-up Video

Honor 60 Series Warm-up Video

A few days ago, Honor official announcement will be held on December 1 new conference, when, will launch the so-called “2021 cell phone face ceiling” Honor 60 Series.

Honor cell phone official microblogging released an Honor 60 Series warm-up video, with the text: “Raise your eyes to see, all for the stars, the sky full of stars, because in your eyes more beautiful.”

The video shows that the Honor 60 Series uses a new color scheme with starry sky elements, which not only further enhances the face value of the phone, but also gives the body a more advanced texture.

Honor 60 Series Warm-up Video

Overall, the Honor 60 series adopts a gradient + star diamondback cover design, the rear lens is a silver double ring with a small lens embedded in the middle, and the body is built with a four-curved process, which will bring a better grip and just the right amount of curvature will bring a more stunning visual effect.

It is worth mentioning that the slogan of the Honor 60 series is “Beauty, let go to shoot”, it is easy to see that the series should focus on the face and photography. It is reported that the Honor 60 Series will include 60 SE/60/60 Pro three models, the whole series equipped with 66W wired charging.

Honor’s digital series flagship has been the main tide beauty design, Honor 50 series brought Cartier ring design, highly praised by consumers, then Honor 60 series in the quadruple curved, star color scheme, double ring, and other design combinations will bring what kind of face value experience, worth looking forward to.


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