Xiaomi 12 Features Symmetrical Stereo Speakers: Entire Family With Curved Display

Xiaomi 12 Features Symmetrical Stereo Speakers and Curved Display

(In Picture: Xiaomi 10 Pro)

Xiaomi 12 Features Symmetrical Stereo Speakers and Curved Display

In recent times, there is news that the Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12X of new product launch is scheduled for December 16, when it will be equipped with Qualcomm’s new generation Snapdragon 8 Gen1 flagship chip officially debuted.

With the release time getting closer and closer, Xiaomi 12 of various explosive news has been almost full of state. This afternoon, the well-known breaking news blogger Digital Chat Station also revealed the camera specifications of the new machine, he said Xiaomi 12 will be equipped with a 50-megapixel super bottom main camera (support OIS) + ultra-wide-angle lens + macro lens, the overall image system will be a step up from the Xiaomi 11.

Xiaomi 12 Fan made renderings

In addition, the blogger also revealed the important parameters of the Xiaomi 12 Series in his comments, revealing that the entire Xiaomi 12 series will come with a curved display as standard, while users who previously expected a straight screen may be disappointed.

However, it should be noted that although the entire system curved screen, previously there was news that Xiaomi 12 will change the screen form, from four-curved to double-curved, and the use of micro-curved design, can take into account the display effect and feel, compared to the previous also improved.

Furthermore, Digital Chat Station broke the news that Xiaomi 12 will feature symmetrical stereo, dual speakers. As we all know, although the previous generation of Xiaomi 11 also used a dual-speaker design, the machine’s speakers are asymmetrical design, and now Xiaomi 12 makes up for the regret of the previous generation.

Previously on the Xiaomi 10 series, Xiaomi equipped it with dual 1216 symmetrical speakers, which reconstruct the sound stereo by distributing the speakers at the top and bottom. Although some phones claim to have a “stereo” design, most products are difficult to come up with more space to achieve a “true stereo design”. For example, the common top earpiece sound solution, can not do the same sense of left and right hearing, only through the post-processing of the way to compensate for the precise positioning.

The Xiaomi 10 series symmetrical dual-speaker design to maximize the restoration of sound stereo, some large handheld games, especially in the FPS category of large handheld games, the perception of the sound field is particularly important. Good stereo sound, a wide sound field can allow players to make accurate judgments about the opponent’s orientation, distance, etc.

Now the upcoming Xiaomi 12 will continue the symmetrical dual-speaker solution from Xiaomi 10, while Xiaomi 12 will also be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen1 flagship processor, micro-curved flexible OLED screen, refresh rate is expected to be 120Hz, and battery capacity is expected to be no less than 4500mAh.


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