Samsung Launches OLED ERA Website Showing The Latest Flexible OLED Technology

Samsung Launches OLED ERA Website

Samsung Launches OLED ERA Website

Today, Samsung display launched the OLED ERA website, showing the latest flexible OLED screen technology. Officially, the screen surface covered with UTG ultra-thin glass, Bureau Veritas folding test of the screen, the results show that the product supports 200,000 times at room temperature bending without damage, which means 100 times a day folded, can be used continuously for 5 years.

Samsung’s new flexible OLED screen also has better folding performance, able to achieve a folding radius of 1.4R, so that the hinge design of the folding screen phone/computer can be simpler, helping to reduce costs. Samsung uses a staggered structure between the layers for this screen, which minimizes folding pressure, resulting in ultra-low curvature.

Samsung OLED official website also shows a variety of examples of the application of the next generation of OLED screens, including folding screen phones, folding screen tablet PCs, and scroll screen concept tablet products.

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