Xiaomi High-end Flagship is Testing An Under-screen Camera

Xiaomi High-end Flagship is Testing An Under-screen Camera

Xiaomi High-end Flagship is Testing An Under-screen Camera Solution with FHD+, 50MP large bottom + 100W fast charging

This morning Qualcomm officially announced a new generation of Snapdragon flagship processor naming rules, the future of Snapdragon will be independent of Qualcomm, and the 8-series processor will also be a number to refer to, not in additional emphasis on 5G.

The processor will be officially released on December 1, and after Qualcomm’s launch, the race for the Xiaomi 12 and Motorola Edge X who can get the world’s first launch has officially begun.

Unlike Motorola’s new machine, which executives have been warming up for days, there has been little official movement on Xiaomi’s side, and it’s all about the news brought by some bloggers.

Today, Digital Chat Station broke the news that Xiaomi high-end flagship is testing an under-screen camera solution with FHD+ resolution, which supports 100-watt super-fast charging, and is equipped with a 50-megapixel super bottom main camera capable of capturing 100-megapixel images, and enhanced ultra-wide-angle and periscopic telephoto lens, in addition to the size of the screen for about 6.7-6.8 custom screen.

Combined with the information previously revealed, this high-end flagship will be the top product built by Xiaomi, positioned to surpass Xiaomi 12, possibly Xiaomi 12 Pro/Ultra or Xiaomi MIX series of new products. From the specifications, it has a flagship image, 100-watt super-fast charging, and other configurations, in addition to the use of under-screen camera technology, which will be another high-end flagship with an under-screen solution after the Xiaomi MIX 4.

Xiaomi Mix 4 Hands-on Experience

As we all know, on the Xiaomi MIX 4, Xiaomi mass-produced commercial under-screen camera technology for the first time. It has considerable transparency by rearranging the pixels and optimizing the substrate material and moving the TFT circuitry below the pixels, which mainly blocks light, out of the CUP area, so that the gaps in the pixels can be used to transmit light, thus enabling under-screen imaging. It is foreseeable that Xiaomi will apply under-screen camera technology on more models next year, bringing a true full-screen form without holes and bangs.

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