OPPO Reno7 Premier World’s First SONY IMX709 Super-sensitive Cat-eye Lens: Check-out Features

OPPO Reno7 Premier SONY IMX709

OPPO Reno7 Premier SONY IMX709

OPPO has already teased the release of the Reno7 series of new phones on November 25, in addition to the appearance of the color scheme upgrade, this Reno7 series will also debut a new lens, that is, OPPO and Sony cooperation Sony IMX709 super-sensitive cat’s eye lens.

Oppo Reno7 with Sony IMX709 Teaser

This new Sony IMX709 sensor is custom-made cooperation between the two, different from the common RGB sensor, it uses the RGBW array, that is, in addition to red, blue, and green, plus a white color filter, composed of four colors, and then calculate.

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According to OPPO, unlike traditional RGBW sensors, the OPPO RGBW light-catching sensor for the first time writes image algorithms into the sensor hardware and introduces W white pixels into the traditional RGGB pixel arrangement, dramatically increasing the amount of light intake while reducing noise, resulting in brighter and clearer dark-light photos.

More importantly, the RGBW light capture sensor is also compatible with multiple chip platforms, which not only reduces processing power consumption but also significantly improves processing efficiency. This RGBW sensor is now the Sony IMX709, but this sensor is tipped to be used as a front camera, mainly to improve the self-timer effect, clearer self-timer in dark light.

Sony IMX709 Features

In previous news, one of the biggest changes in the OPPO Reno7 series is that the entire series is a straight screen solution, while before that, OPPO usually offers a curved screen on the Pro version.

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