Unique Three New Models Belonging to Vivo NEX Series Unveiled

Three New Models Belonging to Vivo NEX Series

Three New Models Belonging to Vivo NEX Series

Perhaps because of the proximity of the flagship processor upgrade, the major cell phone manufacturers this time the news of the new machine is also a lot, but it seems less Vivo products, today, it finally came.

According to the previous news, Vivo’s latest operating system OriginOS 2.0 is already on its way, the new iQOO Neo machine with Snapdragon 888, Vivo’s new S series machine S12 that focuses on beauty, the iQOO9 series, NEX5, and NEX Fold folding screen new products, these phones will use the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen1 platform processor, thus ensuring a worry-free performance.

Today’s report unveiled three new models belonging to Vivo NEX Series. Source found Vivo V2178A as Nex Fold, Vivo V2087A as Vivo Nex standard version, and Vivo V2170DA as a special version. This flagship will meet with us soon.

As Vivo’s high-end flagship product line, the Vivo NEX series has been an industry trendsetter since the day it was born, and it has ushered in an era of pop-up full-screen. The machine cleverly hides the front camera inside the body and enables it by controlling the lift through the photo app, achieving a near true full-screen visual effect. This solution was well received in the market, and after the release of Vivo NEX, many brands have launched full-screen phones with pop-up screen solutions.

Bearing the task of Vivo technology exploration of the NEX series has been more than a year without update iteration, and Vivo Hu Bashan previously said that Vivo internal has been redefined NEX target consumer groups and the definition of the product itself, the new product will be released in the first half of next year and maintain the rhythm of a generation a year.


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