Xiaomi 12 Ultra with Leica Lens Coming Next Year

Xiaomi 12 Ultra with Leica Lens

Xiaomi 12 Ultra with Leica Lens

As early as May this year there was news that Huawei and Leica’s contract had expired, and the renewal of cooperation was not reached, Leica has signed a new partnership with another well-known domestic cell phone manufacturers, at that time there was news that the company is Xiaomi, and today this news is confirmed.

This morning, the well-known blogger Digital Chat Station brought a close-up picture of the rear lens of Xiaomi 11 Ultra, and the small screen on the rear sub-screen also appeared the words Leica small red label, although the content may be their own choice, this hint has been given very obviously.

Leica as an internationally renowned camera manufacturer, the status of the industry is obvious to all, Huawei and Leica cooperation in the image after the improvement is also leaps and bounds and thus opened the domestic cell phone began to race in the lens co-branding, but look and Leica’s cooperation has expired, and the chip problem is also delayed, next year Huawei’s road may be more difficult to go.

Also in the Xiaomi 12 series, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra with Leica lens will be released later than the standard Xiaomi 12, which should be postponed to Q1 next year, and this time the Xiaomi 12 Ultra has Leica’s support, the image will be very worth looking forward to.


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