OPPO Working on New RGBW Sensor: Front Stabilization with Algorithm

OPPO RGBW Sensor Work Exposure

OPPO RGBW Sensor Work Exposure

At present, several iterations of flagship phones tentatively known as Vivo NEX 5, Xiaomi 12 Series, OPPO Find X4 Series, Realme GT2 series are headed to launch in the coming months. There are TOP-level imaging technology, appearance definition, fast charging scheme, screen specifications, etc., which are expected to reach a new height.

Besides the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus, OPPO also has a four-sided equal-width phone. The current high-end flagship can generally achieve two sides equal narrow, the lower bezel will be higher than the left and right bezels in comparison. To achieve the four sides of the narrow bezel, the lower bezel will inevitably use the latest flagship process – the COP package.

COP English full name Chip On Pi, is a high-end screen packaging process, for OLED panels. COP packaging process refers to a part of the screen directly bent and then encapsulated, integrated screen line and IC chip below the screen, and we know that the traditional LCD screen due to the physical characteristics of the liquid crystal is not foldable.

So COP packaging process is prepared for the flexible screen, and the current flexible screen refers to OLED; COP packaging allows the screen to achieve the effect of nearly no bezel, but the use of this packaging process of cell phones is generally expensive.

Back to OPPO this new machine is not yet determined the specific naming, maybe the OPPO Reno series may also be OPPO Find X Series. In the meantime, OPPO also working on the RGBW sensor. In addition to commercial RGBW sensors and hardware-level 5-axis anti-shake next year, OPPO further working on RAW Plus and front-end anti-shake technology in the software algorithm.

According to the Digital Chat Station, the RGBW sensor is the first to be used in the measurement opportunity, but it is used in the proactive IMX709, with a 32-megapixel 85° micro-wide-angle lens. The rear camera is still the normal specification IMX766, which will run through the mid-to-high-end CIS of the OPPO/OnePlus series next year.

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