Huawei Watch GT Runner Edition Coming with Most Accurately Positioning

Huawei Watch GT Runner Features Highlights

Huawei Watch GT Runner Features Highlights

Today, Huawei announced that it will hold the Huawei All Scene Smart-life New Product Launch on November 17. The conference will launch a new smartwatch Huawei Watch GT Runner, which is designed for professional runners. Huawei He Gang said that this is Huawei’s most accurately positioned watch to date.

He Gang introduced that we will release Huawei’s first professional running watch, Watch GT Runner, with HarmonyOS, the industry’s first suspended antenna design, and a 135% increase in GPS antenna performance over traditional designs.

It solves the pain point of incompatible positioning accuracy and thinness, supports dual-frequency five-star accurate positioning, brings faster star search speed, more stable positioning signal, and achieves marathon track-level accurate positioning. Huawei is currently applying for a patent for this technology, which is said to be Huawei’s special gift to runners.

From the poster of Huawei Watch GT Runner, the watch is designed with a round screen, with the word “SPORT-LAP” engraved on the bezel, and the watch can display a series of sports data such as the sportsman’s speed, running index, heart rate, distance and so on.

It is worth noting that in addition to accurate positioning, the Huawei Watch GT Runner will also provide runners with various professional data such as pace, running index, heart rate, and distance. More details will be revealed at the Huawei All Scene Smart-life New Product Launch on November 17, we’ll see what happens.

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