Sony Schedule CineAlta Series Camera Launch Event

Sony CineAlta Series Camera Launch Event

Sony CineAlta Series Camera Launch Event

Recently, Sony officially unveiled a teaser that it will release a new generation of CineAlta cameras at 15:00 GMT on November 15. According to the poster, the new generation of cameras belonging to the CineAlta Series, if no accident, should be a professional-grade film machine VENICE upgrade.

According to Sony’s official statement, CineAlta is synonymous with cutting-edge technology, each frame provides an unprecedented dynamic range, a wider color gamut, and incredible clarity.

The Sony CineAlta series of professional cameras are currently available only as CineAltaV, released in September 2017, the “V” in the name CineAltaV is taken from the initials of Venice, the name of a small town in Los Angeles, which is the heart of film production.

CineAltaV is the film industry’s first camera with 24.8 megapixels full-frame CMOS (36 x 24mm). It can shoot videos of Super 35 and other specifications with up to 6K resolution. Its native lens mount is an E-mount lens mount with its own PL mount adapter ring, which is compatible with a wide range of CINE lenses, including anamorphic lenses, Super 35mm, and full-frame spherical lenses.

The camera has a built-in 8-stop mechanic ND grayscale filter for easy light reduction in bright light. The product uses a fully modular design, you can replace the imager module while retaining the body, reducing upgrade costs. The Sony CineAltaV camera supports Apple ProRes format, 16-bit RAW, and XAVC format, and is compatible with S-Log. Video recording supports up to 6048 x 4032/59.94p, and four-channel LPCM 24-bit audio recording.

For the upcoming release of the new CineAlta, some industry sources speculate that it will be a full-frame camera with E-mount, and the resolution may be as high as 8K.


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