ZTE Executive Talk About Chip Premiere Right: Not PPT, But True Premiere

ZTE Executive Talk About Chip Premiere Right

ZTE Executive Talk About Chip Premiere Right

Qualcomm is going to bring a new 8-series flagship processor at the end of this month, and the major domestic cell phone manufacturers have started to compete for the right to debut this processor. Today, ZTE executive Lv Qianhao released his personal view about the “chip premiere right”, he said:

Here we are not talking about a brand new technology or component that cannot be mass-produced for the time being, but the real first launch of a new model that is ready to go on sale. On the one hand, it is a show of muscle, showing its R&D strength and the right to speak in the supply chain, powerfully enhancing the brand image, improving the market heat and communication heat. On the other hand, it is relying on its R&D strength and supply chain capabilities, as far as possible, new technologies, new components (chips), new experiences, etc. early to consumers, so that users can buy and experience more attractive new chips, new technologies, and new features as early as possible.

Therefore, the listing of the new machine premiere, first of all, must be good after the debut of the basic functions, users can accept imperfection, but also must ensure that the overall stability available, the latter iteration of continuous improvement, rather than that to grab the debut and the user as a mouse. The second is to do a good job after a certain amount of capacity climbing and new reserve debut, to ensure that after the launch of a certain amount of time users to buy experience to get, rather than that to grab the debut of the PPT release. True Premiere, let the user experience better!

For Lv Qianhao this microblogging, some users speculate that this is a hint that ZTE may be able to get the first launch of the new Snapdragon 8 series processor, and not PPT. From the information that has been learned about the entry network, it is speculated that ZTE’s Nubia RedMagic 7 gaming phone will be released around New Year’s Day 2022 at the earliest, so it does not rule out ZTE’s first launch right, and it will most likely be the industry’s first Snapdragon 898 gaming phone.


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