Samsung Teases New Exynos SoC Focusing On Gaming and Entertainment

Samsung Teases New Exynos SoC

Samsung Teases New Exynos SoC

Recently, Samsung’s official Instagram account brought a message, hinting that it will hold an event on November 19, at which it will bring some specific details of Samsung’s self-developed chip Exynos, although not explicitly stated that it is Exynos 2200, between Qualcomm side has been officially announced the technical summit at the end of the month, so many people have speculated that this is a precursor to the release of Samsung Exynos 2200.

In addition, in this news, Samsung also highlighted the game and entertainment aspect, said, “with gaming graphics continuing to evolve” and “… let’s show you what entertainment will look like in the future” suggesting the game market still has a broad space for development. In the past, the definition of “immersive” relied on several external factors, such as the surrounding environment and so on. But advances in semiconductors have changed that.

According to previous reports, Samsung’s Exynos 2200 will bring the same ray-tracing technology as PC graphics cards, so that cell phones can reach some new heights of visual experience in the field of gaming, I wonder if Samsung will bring more details at this event.

However, some people say that the protagonist of this event is not the Exynos 2200, but the Exynos 1280, which is a new chip for mid-range phones, the Exynos 2200 will have to wait before it is released, the first model is maybe Samsung’s flagship S22 Series.


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