Redmi K50 Pro+ is High-quality Straight Screen Flagship with SD898 + 100W

Redmi K50 Pro+ is High-quality Straight Screen Flagship

Redmi K50 Pro+ is High-quality Straight Screen Flagship

Recently, although it was during the double 11 periods, belonging to the world of existing models, the current news about the next generation of flagship phones is also surfacing, of which the most attention is the Snapdragon 898 models.

According to the current exposure, the first Snapdragon 898 model will be born between Xiaomi and Motorola, and Xiaomi will be the first to debut the digital flagship Xiaomi 12 Standard Edition. But for our users, the Xiaomi 12 may not be as attractive as the Redmi K50 series, because it has a better price/performance ratio.

According to the current summary of information, Redmi K50 will still use a high quality flexible straight screen, while the screen material will continue to upgrade, the high version is expected to carry Samsung E5 material, which will also be the standard for next year’s flagship phones, the front lens is still a punch-hole design.

In addition, the K50 series will be equipped with 100-watt fast charging for the first time, which is a huge improvement for the user’s experience. This includes Redmi, and the debut of this top technology will naturally be handed over to the highest-end flagship Redmi K50 series.

The K50 series will remain divided into three models, K50, K50 Pro and K50 Pro+, the standard version of the K50 processor model is still debatable, but the top version of the K50 Pro+ is sure to carry Snapdragon 898, as for the price part, the flagship machine Weldgate member is expected to debut again in 2022. Most of the configurations of these three models will remain the same, but there will be differences in the core, camera, and fast charging.

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