Standard Version Of Xiaomi 12 Support 120W And offers Better 50MP Large Bottom

Xiaomi 12 Support 120W Fast Charging, 50MP Large Bottom, Missing Periscope Lens

Xiaomi 12 Support 120W Fast Charging, 50MP Large Bottom, Missing Periscope Lens

Recently, Qualcomm has officially announced that it will hold this year’s Snapdragon Tech Summit from November 30 to December 2. From the current multiple sources, Snapdragon 898 new generation flagship mobile platform will officially debut at this meeting.

It is worth mentioning that this conference may also be announced the first Snapdragon 898 chip terminal manufacturers which might be Motorola. Although, there is also a high probability that Xiaomi will also take the first, and the first model will be Xiaomi 12.

In recent times, a variety of Xiaomi 12 burst of information is also endlessly emerging, this morning the burst information from Digital Chat Station also revealed that: “l1l2 stack is still very proud if not interested in the high-quality periscope and ultra-wide angle can be on the standard version. This time the 50MP large bottom main camera is not bad, 100 watts fast charging mega battery can also still maintain a relatively slim body.”

Combined with previously known information, the subject of this explosion is precisely the first model of the Xiaomi 12 series, the Xiaomi 12 standard version. Besides the Snapdragon 898, the rumors also revealed an important piece of information, Xiaomi 12 will be equipped with 100-watt fast charging and a large battery, which is also the first time Xiaomi digital series standard version equipped with 100-watt fast charging.

From Xiaomi’s existing technology, Xiaomi 12 standard version is bound to be equipped with a 120W fast charging solution, the same as the previous MIX 4. In addition, after the standard version is equipped with 120W fast charging, the higher specifications of Xiaomi 12 Pro/Ultra will hopefully be equipped with a higher fast charging scheme, do not rule out the possibility of upgrading to more than 150W, very much worth looking forward to.


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