Qualcomm’s Next Flagship Will Have New Naming Rules: Moto Edge X Packs 68W Fast Charging

Moto Edge X Packs 68W Fast Charging: Qualcomm's Next Flagship Will Have New Naming Rules

Moto Edge X Packs 68W Fast Charging: Qualcomm’s Next Flagship Will Have New Naming Rules

Qualcomm’s next-generation 8-series flagship processor will be released on the 30th of this month at the Qualcomm Technology Summit. Friends familiar with the cell phone industry know that before Snapdragon 888, Qualcomm’s flagship processor model is Snapdragon 865, which should be upgraded in a 10-digit way according to custom, that is, Snapdragon 875, but it is said that because of the Chinese market, everyone feels that 8 is more auspicious, so it is renamed Snapdragon 888, and the next generation of 8-series processor, according to the latest news, will also be renamed, not called Snapdragon 898.

The flagship processor codenamed SM8450, the industry is currently using Snapdragon 898 to pronounce, but what it is called, or to wait for the 30th technical summit to know, perhaps even the number will also be directly changed away. In this regard, netizens have also contributed names to Qualcomm, such as “Snapdragon 9000”, “Snapdragon 985”, “Snapdragon 999” and so on.

The Qualcomm SM8450 is based on Samsung’s 4nm process and uses a triple-cluster architecture, including a mega-core, three large cores, and four small cores, which will become the standard for major cell phone manufacturers’ flagship phones next year, and the score will reach a new high, Moto Edge X is also one of them.

Previously, the news said that Xiaomi is one of the most promising manufacturers to get the world premiere of Snapdragon 898, of which Xiaomi 12 standard version may officially debut in mid-December. However, according to the latest news, the debut of Xiaomi 12 may be preempted by Moto.

Just now, the Digital Chat Station brought the latest news about the machine, he revealed: “moto new flagship completes with dual certificates, the record charger support 11V 6.2A maximum 68W super-fast charging, really will deduct the decimal point. With this Qualcomm new flagship core, SM8450 is the new naming rules”.

That is to say, the current Moto Edge X model has been very perfect, and may even have been put into mass production, maybe in Xiaomi 12 spot before the first to open for sale.

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