Four New Honor Phones 3C Certified with Equal Fast Charging and 5G Support

Four New Honor Phones 3C Certified

Four New Honor Phones 3C Certified

According to a report from Mydrivers, four new Honor phones 3C certified, and the model number includes ELZ-AN00, ANY-AN00, TNA-AN00, LSA-AN00, by Guilin Shenke, Huizhou Guanghong, BYD Electronics, and Honor’s factory manufacturing.

It is reported that these models, although different foundries, but all support 5G network, all standard with the charger number HW-110600C00 or HW-110600C02, support up to 66W (11V/6A) fast charging and are compatible with 40W (10V4A), and all support 5G connectivity.

As previously revealed that Honor is about to release the Honor 60 Series on December 1st, above mentioned models maybe belong to this series, expected to be named: Honor 60, Honor 60 Pro, Honor 60 Pro+, and Honor 60 SE.


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