Xiaomi, Motorola May Debut Snapdragon 898; RedMagic 7 Not Far Away

Xiaomi, Motorola May Debut Snapdragon 898; RedMagic 7 Not Far Away

RedMagic 7 Approved by Radio

In recent years, the major cell phone brands in the first right to get some popular chips will always be big publicity, one to the performance of the new machine to create momentum, the second to prove their voice in the cell phone supply chain, but in addition to Xiaomi, Samsung and iQOO, there is a brand has also quietly grabbed the first right to a few chips, and in the upcoming release of sales Snapdragon 898 flagship processor new wave, the brand is expected to grab the first right again and Xiaomi, that is Lenovo.

Snapdragon 870 processor is by this year’s Lenovo’s Motorola Edge S debut, it is now less than 2,000 yuan, for a phone equipped with Snapdragon 870 chip is still worth, but in terms of the system or to consider.

The next generation of Qualcomm’s 8 series flagship processor is expected to debut next month, and many people say that its debut is either Samsung or Xiaomi, but in terms of the international market, Motorola still has some say, and Lenovo has also debuted the Snapdragon 855 chip before, although there are only a few units, the first is the first, there is no way to deny this.

According to the tipster, Motorola’s new sales 898 machine is also determined to debut at the end of the year, but in addition to the chip, the appearance of the new machine and other configurations are currently unknown, then if Xiaomi and Motorola’s new Snapdragon 898 machine on the same stage, which one will you choose?

As for devices with Snapdragon 898, after the official debut, one after another manufacturers will announce their flagship with new SoC. Among them, Nubia’s RedMagic 7 Series is also expected to do so. Recently, a Weibo blogger found that the Nubia NX679J model has been approved by radio, belongs to Nubia, which is the new RedMagic 7 Series.

Nubia NX679J

It should be noted that previously, according to the previous RedMagic 6 generation release time, the series will be later compared to the first batch of regular new flagships, mainly because the gaming phone is more focused on tuning and optimization.

From the current news, likely, the RedMagic 7 Series will not be among the first models. But it should be noted that the RedMagic 7 was the first to achieve entry, which means that Nubia, and even the entire ZTE brand, is working very closely with Qualcomm and has quickly completed the overall design.

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