Spy Photo of Device Equipped with Snapdragon SM8450 Exposes Cores and GPU

Photo of Device Equipped with Snapdragon SM8450

Photo of Device Equipped with Snapdragon SM8450

This afternoon, the well-known breaking news blogger Digital Chat Station for the first time brought a real machine picture of a device equipped with Snapdragon SM8450 next-generation flagship processor.

From the real picture given, the SM8450 will use a triple-cluster architecture, a combination of one mega-core, three large cores, and four small cores, with the mega-core clocked at 3.0GHz, three large cores at 2.5GHz, four small cores at 1.79GHz, and the GPU is Adreno 730, which is slightly different from the rumored one, but not too big.

In addition to the processor, the phone’s design also attracted a lot of user attention, the blogger to the top of this phone played a thick code, only the left and right, and bottom bezel design, overall speaking are very narrow, in line with the appearance of a flagship machine, the top, if no accident should still be the design of the center punch, just temporarily do a little hidden it.

For the appearance of this phone, some users said in the comments: this look is Xiaomi 12. Yesterday, the Digital Chat Station here also broke the news that Xiaomi 12 has begun mass production this month, so the exposure of this phone may be Xiaomi 12?

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