OnePlus 9RT Review: Impressive Battery Life and Camera with Snapdragon 888

OnePlus 9RT Review

OnePlus 9RT Review


OnePlus is special, or even different. This Chinese smartphone brand, founded eight years ago, has been active in overseas markets for most of the time and has been erecting a high-end tone.

There’s no denying that OnePlus’ strategy of going abroad has been successful, taking the top spot in India’s high-end smartphone market in just a few years and surpassing Samsung Apple in terms of share, and there are not many domestic brands that can do that, and OnePlus is one of them.

Briefly talk about OnePlus can be in the overseas market smoothly, which is attributed to the product itself, OnePlus from the creation of the flagship positioning to maintain the year more, and quality can, such as early support for the more demanding IP68 level, on behalf of the body quality of the feel is also the main highlight for many years.

Most importantly, the OnePlus phone was previously equipped with hydrogen/Oxygen OS, operating logic close to the native Android system, in line with the habits of foreigners, but the domestic UI features are richer and more localized, so the previous OnePlus cell phone equipped with HydrogenOS in the domestic niche, not the mainstream.

OnePlus realized this and started to change the UI of domestic phones to Color OS for OnePlus, while changing the marketing strategy and merging with OPPO for resource integration, these initiatives show that OnePlus started to go to the mass market.

OnePlus 9RT is the first new machine released after OnePlus was integrated into OPPO, from the configuration should belong to the flagship level, to see what the difference is.


ModelOnePlus 9RT
Display6.62-inch Samsung E4 AMOLED straight screen,
resolution 2400×1080,
support 120HZ refresh rate,
600Hz touch sampling rate,
local peak brightness 1300nit, HDR10+,
10,000-level dimming, SRGB,
front and rear dual light perception, Display P3
ColorsHacker Silver, Dark Matter, Blue Sky
Size162.2 × 74.6 × 8.295mm,
SoCSnapdragon 888 (CPU frequency 2.84GHz)
RAM/ROMLPDDR5, UFS 3.1 flash memory
Camera50MP main camera (IMX766, OIS optical image stabilization)
16MP 123° super wide-angle
2MP 4cm macro lens
Front: 16MP IMX471
UnlockScreen fingerprint recognition,
Camera face unlock
65W wired flash charging
Advanced featuresSub-pixel rendering technology, super large VC + thick graphite board + 11 copper-carbon heat dissipation, GPA infinite frame stabilization technology.
SystemColorOS 12 based on Android 11
OnePlus 9RT Specifications

OnePlus 9RT provides hacker silver, dark matter, blue sky boundary three kinds of color, in author’s hands this is hacker silver, the machine has different color with different processes, such as hacker silver is left and right diffuse gradient texture, dark matter using the second generation of silk glass, and OnePlus 9 Pro similar.


OnePlus 9RT front with a straight AMOLED screen, the upper left corner of the punch-hole, the size of the punch-hole is acceptable, the chin control can also be, is currently common mainstream form, the overall nothing to say, considering that most Snapdragon 888 models use a micro-curved screen, the machine is another option for those who like straight screens, reducing the edge of the game to play the wrong touch.

In terms of parameters, the OnePlus 9RT features a 6.62-inch Samsung E4 screen with a resolution of 2400 × 1080p, support for 120Hz refresh rate, 600Hz touch sampling rate, 1300nit local peak brightness, support for HDR10+, 10,000-level dimming, dual front and rear light sensing, sRGB display, P3 color gamut, and other features.

OnePlus 9RT does not support high-division screen, should be and positioning and cost, but with a technology called sub-pixel rendering map, it is said that the icon and text clarity improved by 100%, should be further refinement of the icon and text, the actual perception and 2K resolution or can not be compared.

The back of the phone has always emphasized the feel, in fact, and the quality of the body is inseparable, OnePlus 9RT is such, body material and positioning flagship OnePlus 9 series is quite similar, I think it may be the same kind of back cover, just different openings.

The back cover of the hacker silver uses a left and right diffuse reflective gradient texture, different from the frosted effect of the AG process, it is a bright surface material, although stained fingerprints, but not obvious, in addition to the machine has a different color with different processes, including dark matter is the second generation of silk glass, personally feel better, you can go to the physical store to feel it.

The right side of the body is a three-section switch and power button
Volume keys on the left side of the body
Noise canceling microphone on the top of the body
SIM card slot, noise-canceling microphone, USB Type-C port, and speaker at the bottom of the body
The package comes with a 65W charger and data cable, phone case, stickers

System and Highlights

OnePlus 9RT shipped with ColorOS 12 pre-installed, now most models of Android 12 are still in public beta, so the machine is pre-installed with ColorOS 12 based on Android 11, but in addition to the underlying difference, no difference with the public beta version is found for the time being.

Although it is ColorOS 12, the overall style is still Hydrogen OS, such as App icons, time display retains a unique red, etc., ColorOS 12 acrylic icons are gone, in addition, the negative screen also does not have TWS headphones, watches, and other devices state, the design seems to do a “subtraction”, more retained is the function.

OnePlus 9RT review: tear off the niche label and run to the mainstream track ColorOS 12 optimized the small window function, App interface slide up to the top to enable the floating window, while the size can also be adjusted, can be displayed on the same screen more App, is a common feature, the actual use of quite convenient.

With the gradual improvement of the status of cell phones, computers can no longer meet the daily office, so the interconnection of the two has become inevitable, ColorOS 12 supports cross-screen interconnection, the content displayed by the phone can be projected to the PC side, and support mouse control, but also in the PC side of the brush short video, a new way to touch the fish now belongs to is.

The game mode has been improved, the upper left corner slide to open the game shortcut bar, in addition to some common functions, OnePlus 9RT equipped with ColorOS 12 has extreme stable frame function, as the name suggests is to further stabilize the game frame rate, but at present only support the original God, other games can not be opened for the time being.

Simply put, the benefits of using ColorOS 12 on OnePlus phones outweigh the drawbacks. Although Hydrogen OS has a simple and smooth feature, it is also considered to be a simple feature, so ColorOS 12 is more suitable for the habits of domestic users.

Performance and games

Core configuration, OnePlus 9RT is equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor, compared with the previous generation equipped with Snapdragon 870 further upgrade, with LDDDR5 memory and UFS 3.1 flash memory, is the current mainstream performance of the three pieces, and OnePlus 9 series have overlap. So there is a backstabbing, this first, to see its running performance.

OnePlus 9RT AnTuTu Benchmark

After the actual test, the OnePlus 9RT AnTuTu Benchmark running score of 787737, belongs to the normal performance of the Snapdragon 888 models, the overall lag behind OnePlus 9 Pro, by comparing the sub-scores found that OnePlus 9RT mainly behind the UX aspect, GPU scores are somewhat ahead.

The reason is that the OnePlus 9RT does not carry a high-grade screen, GPU improvement should be the reason for the tuning algorithm, compared to the OnePlus 9 series more spirited, indicating that the official has enough confidence in the machine’s heat dissipation.

The machine is built with a large VC, thickened graphite plate, 11 copper carbon, claiming a 20% increase in cooling efficiency, and there is a claim that OnePlus has the best heat dissipation ever, whether so, to see the actual test.

Peace Elite

Turn on the highest image quality supported by OnePlus 9RT (90fps)
Game fps
Body temperature

Almost all gaming-oriented phones are individually optimized for “Peace Elite”, which is after all a popular handheld game. Through 20 minutes of gameplay, the OnePlus 9RT performed steadily, with an almost straight frame rate, except that there seemed to be some subsequent frame drops, but always maintained above 80fps, with no significant frame drops.

The body temperature was slightly surprising, 20 minutes of “Peace Elite” barely heated up, with an average temperature of 35.2 and a maximum of 37.3. This performance was even better than the previously tested Black Shark 4S.

Original God

Turn on the highest image quality supported by OnePlus 9RT (60fps)
Game fps
Body temperature

The OnePlus 9RT and Original Gods have reached a strategic partnership, and also launched a limited gift box, so, logically, the game performance would be a bit better, but the actual test fell a bit short, and the machine still locks frames as the temperature rises.

The data shows that the OnePlus 9RT started at barely 60fps, went to 50fps in about 5 minutes or so, and finally stabilized to about 45fps. According to the official statement, the optimization of “Original God” should now be the initial stage, the subsequent will continue to optimize the game experience from the technical level.

The temperature performance is more unexpected, there is no obvious body heat throughout the whole process, the average temperature measured 33.4, and the highest temperature is only 37.3, but you should know that this is a locked frame in exchange, I hope the subsequent optimization can be stable to 60fps.

Glory of Kings

Turn on the highest image quality supported by OnePlus 9RT (90fps)
Game fps

For the MOBA game like “Glory of Kings”, Snapdragon 888 is slightly easier, completely stable to 90fps, during the frame drop is opened the game shortcut bar and switch screen caused, belongs to the normal performance.


The camera is the biggest difference between the machine and the OnePlus 9 series, the rear is a 50-megapixel main camera (IMX766, OIS optical stabilization) + 16-megapixel 123° ultra-wide-angle + 2-megapixel 4cm macro lens, the main camera is improved compared to the OnePlus 9R, but the macro lens is reduced to 2-megapixel.

In terms of features, the OnePlus 9RT has a new night eagle night scene algorithm, as well as a 100-megapixel superpixel algorithm, the specific performance to see the sample photos.

Daytime sample

Skyscrapers (default 12MP f/1.8 ISO-301 for the main camera)
Roadside buildings (default 12MP f/1.8 ISO-100)
Roadside buildings (main shot cropped 2x zoom f/1.8 ISO-154)
Roadside architecture (main shot cropped 5x zoom f/1.8 ISO-135)
without ultra wide angle
With ultra wide angle
Plants (Macro f/1.8 ISO-401 for main camera)
Plants (Macro 2MP f/2.4 ISO-250)

Overall, compared to the OnePlus 9R, the 50-megapixel IMX766 main camera is indeed a significant improvement. The daytime scenes retain a lot of details, and the zoom is especially obvious, while the macro benefits from OIS stabilization and a large aperture, and the main camera have a better bokeh effect compared to the 2-megapixel macro, but the macro mode restores rich details, each with its advantages.

Night Sample

Default 12MP f/1.8 ISO-1506 for the main camera
night view on, default 12MP f/1.8 ISO-945
manual pull down brightness Main shot default 12MP f/1.8 ISO-370
default 12MP f/1.8 ISO-782 for main shot
default 12MP f/1.8 ISO-423 for main shot
default 12MP f/1.8 ISO-611 for main shot

Night scene, OnePlus 9RT compared to its predecessor has significant progress, no longer a single mind to improve the brightness, but shot clear enough, imaging almost no noise, it seems that the new night eagle night algorithm is really useful, and can even play a fight with OnePlus 9 Pro.

The control of light needs to be improved, for example, the light is more abundant, which will lead to light recognition bias, the need to manually pull down the brightness to restore the true color, but this is also a common problem of many phones.

Battery life and charging

OnePlus 9RT is equipped with a 4500mAh battery, which is a common battery capacity at present, but the battery life of the machine is surprised, specifically to see its test results, continue to use the AnTuTu stress test function to carry out superpower consumption test.

The stress test is a built-in feature of the AnTuTu review, which tests the stability of the device’s performance by performing high-load calculations, requiring the CPU to perform a large number of calculations, so the power consumption is greater compared to videos, daily use, and other scenarios.

Test conditions: No SIM card inserted, device connected to Wi-Fi, positioning turned on, fully charged, screen brightness turned to the highest, and all background services turned off. Open AnTuTu stress test, uninterrupted test, record the remaining power of the device every 30 minutes.

OnePlus 9RT Battery Life

Under the superpower consumption test, the OnePlus 9RT persisted for 230 minutes, which is a surprise, knowing that this is a model with Snapdragon 888 and 4500mAh battery. As a comparison, a certain gaming phone with Snapdragon 888 and 6000mAh battery only last 240 minutes, while the same 4500mAh Snapdragon 888 models rarely break the 200-minute stress test.

In this regard, we checked the stress test curve of the OnePlus 9RT and found that the CPU maintained a high frequency in the early stage, but as the body temperature got hot, the CPU started to downscale, probably reaching the set temperature threshold, and then the body heat was controlled, so the power consumption dropped, and accordingly, the stress test lasted longer.

Finally, the endurance estimate, because this result is based on the CPU has been in the case of full load to obtain, taking into account our daily use and bright screen time, so this data to be converted into multiples, resulting in the machine can have more than 8 hours of continuous use time, note that it is continuous use, not daily screen off, back to the message, etc.

Then we look at charging, OnePlus 9RT support 65T wired fast charging, here the suffix T official did not specify what the meaning, should be in the 65W base support PD33W fast charging protocol, and the highest power is still 65W wired fast charging, how fast, to the actual test.

OnePlus 9RT Charging Time

After the actual test, the OnePlus 9RT took 28 minutes to charge to 100%, of which 10 minutes to charge 49% of the power, nearly half, although less than 100 watts charging, this speed to cope with daily use is completely sufficient.


OnePlus 9RT is a model that caters to the mainstream inside and out, completely taking off the niche label, especially at the software level, and the domestic UI to maintain a consistent pace, that is, feature-rich, all that should be there, the same for the hardware.

Speaking of hardware, the machine is an upgraded version of the 9R, but I do not know whether intentional or unintentional, it seems to back-stab the existing OnePlus 9, which is inevitable at the beginning of the series, especially this year’s lack of core dilemma, it is easy to cause positioning overlap, I can only say a word of the understanding viva.

OnePlus 9RT Review

Overall, OnePlus 9RT positioning bias towards the game, such as the front straight screen, heaps of material heat dissipation configuration, are designed to be more suitable for playing the game, the actual test game experience does have a few brushes, probably one of the most stable mainstream phones currently playing the game.

Then there is the photography and battery life, the introduction of the eagle night scene algorithm has a good effect, compared to the previous generation is very obvious to improve, and can even be compared to the OnePlus 9 Pro. In terms of battery life, the same 4500mAh has an impressive battery life, which I hope will continue to the OnePlus 9 series.

As mentioned earlier, the OnePlus 9RT is the first new machine released after the integration of the brand OPPO, in addition to the shape and similar to its predecessor, can see that the OnePlus 9RT and the previously released new machine is not quite the same, before the release of OnePlus 9 series, out of the circle has become a high-frequency word, then OnePlus 9RT is completely out of the circle of the model.

OnePlus 9RT Review

Is relatively rare, the machine inherited a high quality that is not often seen at the same price, the feel is still doubly comfortable, it can be said that the OnePlus 9RT is still the teenager of the exquisite shape, but the heart has been full of vicissitudes, once simple and light and capricious no longer, the huge changes in the UI and integration of resources, more like an inevitable compromise on the way to growth. It’s not that Hydrogen OS is so good, but in the current red sea cell phone market, the niche is destined to be difficult to move.

Note: This review was originally published on AnTuTu Benchmark by author Tangzheng.

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