Official Highlights Redmi Note11 Series’ Most Useful Features

Redmi Note11 Series' Most Useful Features

Redmi Note11 Series’ Most Useful Features

Today Redmi officials continue to warm up to the upcoming Redmi Note11 Series of phones. The official announcement is that the series of phones will be equipped with multi-functional NFC functions, support simulated access cards, and provide bank cards, traffic cards, and other functions. In addition, the Redmi Note 11 Series also has Bluetooth 5.2 protocol, which is a notable upgrade point.

Redmi also confirmed today that the Note11 Series will support WiFi 6, and said that its maximum WiFi throughput is 40% higher than the previous generation model, reaching 1.7Gbps. Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, these features are the easiest for users to overlook and the easiest for manufacturers to “neuter”. The official said that these features may not be written in the advertisement, but they are closely related to the user’s daily use experience.

Besides the above-mentioned features, the Redmi Note11 series will be equipped with X-axis linear motor as standard, accelerating the popularity of the X-axis linear motor. According to Lu Weibing, the X-axis linear motor has the following advantages:

As we previously discussed that there are not many phones that retain the 3.5mm headphone jack, but requirements coming back. So, the Redmi officially announced that the new Redmi Note11 series will retain the 3.5mm headphone jack.

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