Pro Redmi Note11 Display Features and Battery Life in Spotlight

Redmi Note11 Display Features

Pro Redmi Note11 Display Features and Battery Life

Redmi Note 11 series will be officially released on October 28, claiming a quick battle and a moment of full blood. The known news shows that the series contains a total of Note11, Note11 Pro, Note11 Pro+ three models, positioning medium cup large cup mega cup, where the mega cup is expected to support 120W wired fast charging, in line with the official said a moment full blood.

In addition to 120W wired fast charging, Note11 Pro+ back cover for AG frosted glass material, as well as right-angle bezel design, 6 + 128GB version to start. The core configuration is temporarily unknown, but reference to the previous generation is equipped with the Dimensity 1100 processor, so Note11 Pro+ is also expected to carry the next flagship processor.

According to the current parameters there are netizens said the new machine screen may shrink, to cost is expected to use domestic screens, but the latest revelations that Note 11 Pro and Pro + are used by Samsung high brush OLED, the same level belongs to a good screen.

Redmi Redmi cell phone official microblogging has brought this phone screen material, bezel width, and digging hole diameter information. Officially, Redmi Note11 display features include the following characteristics:

AMOLED screen + high refresh rate, which has become a must for high-end cell phones now, and this time Redmi put it down to the Note series of products, in addition to ultra-narrow bezel + 2.96mm digging holes can also bring users a better visual viewing experience. In the coming days, the official will continue to bring the configuration and appearance of this new product.

Furthermore, Lu Weibing also shared the Redmi Note11 battery life experience. According to the shared screenshot, in 18 hours of mixed uses, the Redmi Note11 battery dropped 100 percent to 25+ percent, which is quite impressive.

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