Why does Redmi Note11 use Right-angle Bezels? Official Explains

Why does Redmi Note11 use Right-angle Bezels?

Why does Redmi Note11 use Right-angle Bezels?

Redmi Note11 Series will be officially released on the 28th of this month at 7:00 pm, and today, the official microblogging site of Redmi Mobile continues to promote the new phone. Today, the official brought a picture of the rear camera part of the new phone, with a text saying:

Talking about the Note 11 Why do you want to make a “small standing edge” overhaul? Because, today’s young people have angles; they stand side is more trendy, the details are exquisite and good-looking; they stand side is more confident and gives you the unique feeling you want.

The design of the rear lens module also continues Xiaomi’s family design this year, which is very recognizable. The screen part is a straight screen, compared to the curved screen, which many users are looking forward to, it is also more convenient to use will not accidentally touch, and from the picture can see the screen bezel part to do very narrow, do not know whether the chin bezel can also maintain such a width.

The biggest highlight of this upgrade is expected to be the use of 120W fast charging, which is also the first time the Redmi brand uses 120W fast charging power, in line with the Note11 this time the speedy battle, a moment full-blooded Slogan. In addition, the Redmi Note 11 features a high refresh rate perforated screen solution and is expected to be equipped with a flagship processor and dual speakers.

Redmi Note 11 Thickness is 8.34mm
Redmi Note 11 is with AG glass on the back cover

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