Snapdragon 898 and Dimensity 2000 Specifications Compared

Snapdragon 898 and Dimensity 2000 Specifications Compared

Snapdragon 898 and Dimensity 2000 Specifications Comparison

With time, 2021 will soon enter the end of the year, but for the digital field, especially the cell phone category is significant, because the flagship chip iterations of each family are coming.

Some time ago, Apple has taken the lead through the iPhone 13 and other products to show the latest A15 self-research chip, still strong and unbeatable performance, yesterday Google also released the first self-research cell phone chip Tensor, focusing on aspects such as AI, performance some pull down.

However, the above two chips are exclusive to their platform, and the real attention is Qualcomm and MediaTek’s flagship products – Snapdragon 898 and Dimensity 2000. According to previous news, Snapdragon 898 will be officially unveiled in mid-December, while Dimensity 2000 will debut early next year, the two listing time is very similar, while the parameters are also very similar.

In today’s morning, the well-known tipster Digital Chat Station exposed the sample parameters of the two, as follows with other known parameters:

ModelSnapdragon 898Dimensity 2000
ProcessSamsung 4nm processTSMC 4nm process
Mega Core1 × 3.0GHz Arm Cortex-X2 1 × 3.0GHz Arm Cortex-X2
Large Core3 × 2.5GHz3 × 2.85GHz
Small Core4 × 1.79GHz 4 × 1.8GHz
GPUAdreno 730Mali-G710 MC10 GPU
ModemSnapdragon X65MTK M80
Snapdragon 898 Vs Dimensity 2000

On the whole, Snapdragon 898 and Dimensity 2000 are very similar in terms of CPU design, both adopt 4nm process and tri-cluster architecture, and both are equipped with 3.0GHz X2 mega-core, where the large core and small core of Dimensity 2000 are slightly higher than Snapdragon 898, but should not be able to pull too much gap.

The biggest difference between the two in terms of CPU lies in the foundry, Qualcomm chose Samsung, while MediaTek chose TSMC, according to the previous performance, TSMC’s process is relatively more mature, the finished product in power consumption, heat, and other aspects of the performance is more prominent.

It should be noted that the GPU part of the Dimensity 2000 will be slightly weaker, after all, Qualcomm’s GPU performance has traditionally been at the top of Android, and this time is no exception.

So far, the Snapdragon 898 and the Dimensity 2000 are very close to the specifications, but the actual performance will be combined with the manufacturer’s tuning and scheduling, and the parameters do not represent the final experience.


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